Numazu Alps

10 06 2007

 Location:For a map of the start of the alps click here

About mid April06 I went hiking in the Numazu Alps, a small range of 6 mountains varying in size from about 230meters to 390 meters. In the hiking guide for this trip the estimated time to climb these mountains one way was 6hrs30min. In my usual rush to damage the old body I managed the course, including the return trip in about 8 hrs. This was a glorious 21km hike through some diverse forests that I have never seen before. It really was amazing. There were cherry trees blossoming alongside great pines, gnarly weathered trees clinging to thin ridge lines and gorgeous views of Suguru Bay. I also found the most beautiful wild flowers including a black flower (sort of bug trap plant) that had a strange black trail to it. Apparently, the flower is a symbol of a mythical fisherman’s line and basket.

On Mt Kanuke 1st Mt of Numazu AlpsNumazu Alps

Numazu AlpsNumazu Alps

Between the two highest peaks I had to follow a ridgeline with steep slopes. The trees that followed this ridge were gnarled and windswept. Walking through this part of the track really made me feel like I was in a fantasy world. The most interesting part of this ridge was a fallen tree, its dried roots forming a wall over two meters high.

Numazu Alps
I must admit that the climbs were tiring and the first time I saw the ropes and chains used to help you safely get up the hill elicited a childish “cool” out of me. After climbing the first hill close to Numazu City you have to walk down onto the road and follow it back up to the saddle until you find the path on the right. This is not very well marked, so after about half an hour of wondering around in someone’s veggie patch I decided to go through the bush until I met up with the track. I though going bush was fun but I wouldn’t recommend it to most people particularly if you have little climbing/hiking experience.
All in all, the Numazu Alps was well worth the walk and I will be up there again sometime soon.

Numazu AlpsNumazu Alps

Numazu AlpsPagoda Mt Kanuke; Numazu Alps
Numazu City from Numazu Alps




2 responses

24 12 2009

Hello! I’ve stumbled on you website while searching for the ‘Numazu’ Alps! I live in Numazu and have wanted to hike them for ages. I was wondering if you had an actual map of the trail, and if so where you picked it up? I’ve hiked Kanukiyama, but had no idea they all connected. I’ve never been able to figure out how to get up Mt. Tokura! Nice website by the way, you’ve opened my eyes to some new places to explore.
Thanks from a fellow Numazu-ite (Numazian? Numazujin?),

14 06 2007

Great pics, Scott!
What a discovery for me, although I’ve alreday been to Numazu quite a few times!

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