Map Builder for Numazu Sights and Utilities

13 06 2007

I have just added some more locations to my MapBuilder Numazu Sights sight. They include locations of:

  • the Nakamise (mall)
  • Train Station
  • City Hall
  • Kano River
  • Book Shop with a small but much needed collection of English Books and ESL material
  • Library
  • Community Gym
  • Fish Markets
  • Central police office and post office
  • Imperial Villa
  • Fish Markets
  • Mishima and Ooka Station

I will add some more progressively. Worpress does not allow the code for me to embed the map in the blog but hopefully the links under the locations I mention will be handy.

If you have any suggestions for additions or would prefer me to separate the ‘sights’, ‘utilities’ and ‘shopping’ into separate maps, please let me know.

The link to the map is here;
MyMaps at




2 responses

14 06 2007

Thanks Robert,

Actually your blog was what made me change from my discussion board to wordpress. So far it’s working out well.
Thanks for the offer.
We will definitely have to share a beer at the Taproom.


14 06 2007

Dear Scott!
Finally found you!
I will link your blog right away!
I’m so glad to find another English blog about Shizuoka Prefecture!
We do have plenty of information to exchange!
Please feel free to copy any posting concerning Numazu. For example, Takashima/Hakuin Masamune Brewery!
We shal have to meet soon at the Taproom!
Until then, cheers,

(Robert-Gilles Martineau)

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