17 06 2007

Humming Bird Cafe Katahama

The meat pie in Australia is a national icon. Scrappy minced bits of, what only could loosely be described as, meat in gravy and all nicely wrapped in a pasty. Don’t forget the tomato sauce. We love em. So when we can find a place that even comes close to making a typical Aussie meat pie we are on it.

Hummingbird’s signature is their pies. Unlike their Aussie cousin these pies are a cooked in a ceramic dish, brown curry is poured in the contents and a puff pastry is put over the top. Although different than the ones we get at home these pies were nevertheless delicious.

Hummingbird pies

My wife and I ordered the lunch set for 1250yen which consisted of orange juice (or a drink of your choice), salad, bread or rice, our pie and a cake of our choice from their dessert bar (quite a large selection of cakes). We both selected the seafood pie. After getting through our salads it was time for the pie.

Cracking the crusty golden top off the pie, I explored its contents swimming in the rich steaming curry. The most interesting was the two muscles half shelled in side. Hunks of melted cheese, calamari, fish, spinach, baby carrot and one whole mini potato completed the contents of the dish. It was like a standard meat and veg in a pie, not only unique but tasty.

While not the pies of home, Hummingbird’s pies were an experience worth trying one I will remember.



Directions: Hummingbird is about 2km to the west of Numazu station in the suburb of Katahama. You can also catch a bus there of take the Todai line to Katahama and head east. For more clear directions check out my map page. MyMaps at

Hummingbird Katahama

Style: Pies

English Menu: No but fairly straight forward and little Kanji.

Picture Menu: A few pictures to help you out.

Gaijin Friendly: Yes

Hours: 11:30 – 22:00

Cost: lunch set 900-1250yen; dinner set 1500-1900yen




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