Beer and Water Bancho aka Sakura

17 06 2007

Closed Down


Beer and Water Bancho or Sakura is a new addition to the Numazu Bar scene. This small bar seating about 14 caught my attention with it displays of Harley Davidson motorcycles in and outside the bar.

This bars specialty is imported beer and, oddly, boutique water. As strange as the mix is, the bottle strewn bar featuring about 50 different varieties of beer from all over the world is not a bad place for a drink. Especially if you are missing an ale from home.

Sakura pub Numazu

The staff are friendly and the big screen TV in the back usually playing American action on silent while some good tunes are playing adds some motion art to the place.

A note of warning however, the small bowl of nibblies you get with you first bear will be charged to you at 200yen and tax isn’t included in the menu prices. This came as a bit of a surprise to us at the end when we had to pay. The nibblies were not worth the cost.

Apart from that not a bad place to have a beer and you will usually find foreigner there to chat with too if you are inclined.

Location: South exit of the under pass running under railway lines. This is the first underpass west of Numazu Station. MyMaps at

Style: Beer bar

English menu: yes

Picture menu: yes

Gaijin friendly: very

Hours: 5pm til late




3 responses

27 06 2007

Looking froward to reading your comments!

19 06 2007

You are right there mate, not a bad place for a quick one before heading back.

The Taproom. I love the Taproom. I have been there on many occasion. Before coming to Numazu to live in March of last year I spent 3 months in Thailand. The Taprooms website was the first connection I had with Numazu and to pay it dues it was the first pub I went to in Numazu.

The next time I am there I will take some picture and then I will write it up on the site.

Scott Garbie

19 06 2007

Since it is near the station, this makes it a useful place for the last drink before going back to Shizuoka!
have you been to the Taproom yet?

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