B-House Cake and Cafe

19 06 2007

The food in Japan is amazing. Actually the food in Japan was amazing enough for me to feel the urge to start writing about it. But there are still times when you really need something that reminds you of home. In this case it’s adultery and on the odd occasion a hearty ménage à trois.

B-House Cake and Cafe Numazu
Yes yes, I know what some of you are think; Scott you haven’t looked hard enough in Numazu, mate. But I don’t like to share myself or my wife with just anyone special. I am very particular and B- House is the only place that I have found that has been able to arrange my needs; rich, brown, moist and delicious…

B-House Numazu

…chocolate mud cake. I’m getting all worked up just thinking about it.

B-House chocolate mud cake

Ladies and gentlemen, good chocolate mud cake should be a sexual experience. A peak of hedonist delights and something you should only indulge in with your most intimate partner. You should saver every mouthful, memorizing every flavor. Reveling in the way it succumbs to your mouth and unfolds under your tongue. Its cocoa aroma drawing out previous memories of such sins and allows those memories to mingle with the present enhancing every bite. Sexual.

B-house cake

Or you could just enjoy it for what it is, bloody good cake.

B-House is the only place I have found that does ‘real’ chocolate mud cake. This cake has a heart and a soul, unlike the dry flaky imitation chocolate mud cake that I have tried in every other cake shop, cafe and restaurant in Japan.

Numazu’s B-House Cafe’s chocolate mud cake is an ideal indulgence.

My rather sad culinary fetish aside, B-House is a quality place. The combination of the young staff and mumbling acid jazz, adds to its smooth vibe. Their large range of cakes, salads, quiche and other foods are of themselves a reason to visit. Their coffee, tea and wine are well chosen and certainly provide a solid compliment for their dishes.

If you see me languidly reclining on a chair, eyes closed and the odd muffled groan reaching your ears over the smooth beats emanating from the speakers,you know what I’m doing. Do Not Disturb. 😉

Scott Garbie

Location:North side of Numazu station. Heading towards Bivi there Should be a street to your left running North South. Head north up this street and it will be on your right just before Espot. MyMaps at MapBuilder.net

Style: Cafe

English menu: some

Picture menu: no

Gaijin Friendly: yes

Prices: cake and drink set 850yen, Lunch set 950. as of this date prices may change in the future.

Hours: 11:00 to 0:00hrs less on Monday’s

Phone: 055 921 9428




2 responses

25 06 2007

I definitely would say “ménage à trois” when you seem to make it a sexual experience!

19 06 2007

Sorry, I should have put the cake at the front of the photo. Stupid boy.


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