Numazu movie times

30 06 2007

I have recently received a number of searches to this blog regarding Numazu movie times. Numazu cinema times depend on the cinema you choose. On the north side there is the recently opened Cinema Sunshine in the Bivi complex. You can access the Cinema Sunshine times here On the south side the Joyland group had two cinema locations. You can access the Joyland movie times here On one occasion I have found the Joyland cinema times not corresponding with the actual showing. However, this is probably once out of a total of about 10 visits.

Both websites are in Japanese and you will need to translate them. I recommend either to copy and past the url (web address) into a search engine like google and once the site comes up click the [translate page] link. Alternatively you can use a free translation program like AltaVista’s Babel Fish. You can copy and paste the url in there, select Japanese to English and then click “Translate”.

At different times both Joyland and Cinema Sunshine have both Japanese dubbed and English with subtitle editions of movies. So far there is no English subtitles for Japanese movies, but what do you expect eh?

When looking for an English speaking movie once you have translated page look for “subtitle super edition”. The humorously translated “Japanese blowing substitution edition” is the Japanese dubbed version. This is easy to see in the Cinema Sunshine edition but you may have to do a bit of copy-translate for the Joyland page.

Happy viewing

Scott Garbie




One response

8 07 2007

Note Joyland: again on the cusp of date changes the show times on the internet did no correspond with the actual times. I checked to make sure I had clicked the right date several times. They have made another error. so that is not twice this has occurred.
Also the time we went they were not using the surround sound for some reason (should have realized something was up when they were offereing 1000yen tickets).


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