Mizuta – Baking and Confectionary Supplies

1 07 2007

Mizuta – Numazu South

This is one of these ‘smack yourself in the head’ moments where you look everywhere for something for hours until you realize that is was right there under you nose. In fact ever apartment and house that I have lived in has taken on the attributes of a central hub where a conglomeration of quantum worm holes meet. In these places time and space do not seem to work in what we consider as normal. For example I could have swore that I had walked past the same spot in search for my keys, wallet, note book, beer or wife (no not in descending order of importance) a dozen times only to see nothing but space and then on some random occasion when I have given up any hope of finding any of the stated above, it appears. Coincidentally this is contrary to one of the earlier laws of quantum physics stating that it takes an observer for something to exist in a particular for and time (however the laws of quantum physics now resemble something closer to fight club than anything else). I digress.

Allow me to set the scene in brief. It was a few weeks before Christmas last year and I wanted to make rum balls. Yep I am a bloke in Japan that cooks, my teachers still don’t believe me. Anyway, I needed shortening and coconut flakes. My wife and I had casually searched for these items for some time with no luck. But now as Christmas was quickly coming upon us it was time to get busy and find these ingredients.

We looked everywhere in Numazu but with no luck. We were considering extending our search to Shizuoka when we had to go down to our local post office to send off a few Christmas cards. On the way, we passes a rather nondescript shop with Mizuta written in Katakana and in ‘fine print’ above, ‘Home Made and Pro Shop’ in English. ‘Hmmm, pro shop’ I thought. ‘Well it couldn’t be golf’ my sharp as a spoon analytical mind kicked over. ‘While I was still thinking about golf, my wife had delicately steered us into the shop and my thoughts immediately snapped from sports to cooking.

Mizuata baking supplies Numazu

Mizuta had to have my desperately needed shortening and coconut flakes. To my relief it did. In fact Mizuta, in the south side of Numazu, had far more than that, it had an incredible range of baking and confectionery ingredients. We explored the excellent range of Belgium, French and German cooking chocolates; dried fruit; assorted lards; essences; colorings; flours; creams and more. As we explored deeper into Mizuta we found a good selection of baking and confectionery equipment and packaging. We knew we had hit the fabled ‘pay dirt’.

We managed to crawl out of Mizuta with only a little bit more than what we were looking for and a great desire to see if a 3500yen toaster can bake something (it can!!!).

Mizuta is a quality shop for baking and confectionery supplies. Their range is of high quality and encompasses most ingredients you will need to bake or make confectionery. If you have an oven, convection microwave or are into extreme cooking in a cheap toaster like us this is the place for you.


Scott Garbie

Location: South side. Full map reference here MyMaps at MapBuilder.net

Hours: 9:00-1800




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1 07 2007

Cheers mate,


1 07 2007

Good work again!
You will certainly make life easier for some expats!

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