1 07 2007

Seibu – Numazu

Seibu department store is part of a national chain that provides brand name goods. Although I like to generally buy from the little guy or gal there is no denying that Seibu encompasses a certain level of convenience.

Numazu’s Seibu is little different. On the basement floor a small grocery store featuring often decent quality fruit and veg with some sashimi quality fish (of course you are better off hitting the fish markets for freshness) and a small butchers in the corner.

Inside3 Seibu Numazu

On the first floor (ground floor) and second floors, various merchants offer a variety of different goods. Of note is, the salad deli, Lady Godiva Chocolate, high end bento’s, a bakery, various japanese sweets and boutique confectionary, dried foods and Cafe no Bar (roasted coffee bean merchant).

The ascending floors feature a large range of brand name clothing and formal wear. This is carried across the road to the south in Seibu’s adjoining building.

If you are in a hurry and can’t afford the time to browse what other shopping Numazu has to off then this is the place for you. That being said, Seibu does offer some quality good, particularly their gourmet food.

Seibu Numazu Japan

Location: Seibu is directly across the south enterence of the south side of the station.MyMaps at


Scott Garbie.




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