Gokigen – World Skill Festival – Numazu

8 07 2007

Preparations are definately under way for the WorldSkill Festival hosted in Shizuoka prefecture at the end of this year. Numazu has the pleasure of hosting one of the larger portions of events and the city certainly has taken the event in its stride. Schools have been given countries to support and host, buildings are being built just for the event in Kadoike and the Numazu Locals are building themselves up for what will undoubtedly be WorldSkills Fever. I know that I will certainly be trying to get in to watch the cooking events.

The WorldSkills competition pits talented trade and craftsmen against each other in order to represent the skills of their country. In short, the WorldSkills competition is an Olympics for Craft and Tradesmen. With 38 official skills on display this with be an awesome event worth seeing.

The skills festival will kick off in Numazu on the 21st of November with its official opening ceremony held in the Kira Messe complex on the north of Numazu Station.  The competition starts on Thursday November 15 and concludes on Sunday november 18. The majority of the event seems to be heald in the specially build village in Kadoike.

I will endeavor to post further comments about The Skills Festival closer to the date. In the mean time here are some useful links to sate your curiosity.

http://www.worldskills.org WorldSkills home page

http://www.skillsfestival2007.or.jp/en Skills Festival 2007 Shizuoka prefecture home page with links to Numazu

http://www.gokigen-numazu.com/ The official site for Skills Festival Preparation in Numazu. This site also boast some excellent photo’s of the Numazu Area.






2 responses

8 11 2007

I have just received a reply to an email I sent to the WorldSkill hq. All event will run all times over the course of the competition.


14 09 2007

I have just sent an email to the public relations manager for the World Skills Festival, asking about the schedule for the actual events. Hopefully we with get a response soon so we can plan for the event.


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