Numazu Summer Festival – Natsu Matsuri

17 07 2007

Fireworks at the Numazu Summer Festival

The Numazu Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri) is coming around again. This big event floods the streets on the south side of Numazu in a three day event filled with endless parades, deja vu stalls, excellent music, gorgeous yukatas and ends each night with a huge display of fireworks over the Kano river. Living so close to the center of town means that some of the parades actually passed by our very windows last year. During the previous years Summer Festival we were fortunate enough to sit on our windowsill and watched the parades go by. The dancers in their immaculately dressed quasi traditional garb are an awe inspiring sight. The huge floats born on the shoulders of cheering sweat sodden participants with balancing beauties precariously positioned on top of gorgeously crafted woodwork, are to sure infuse you with energy and excitement.

Numazu Summer Festival

We couldn’t just sit on our windowsill all day. There was so much else to see.

Natsu Matsuri Streets of Numazu

On every street at every time there is something different to keep you well entertained throughout the day and well into the night to finally enjoy the fireworks.

Floats at the Numazu Summer Festival

I am sure that these few pictures from last years event will tempt you enough to pay a visit.

Numazu Summer Festival

When 27, 28 and 29th of July.

Numazu Festival
Location South side of Numazu Station flowing down the main streets and along the Kano River.

Numazu Yukatas




2 responses

28 07 2007

Sorry about the late reply Tammy. I’m currently on holidays in Thailand. From memory the fireworks start tonight at about 9pm. Let me know if i’m wrong. Cant enitrely remember from last year.


27 07 2007

Ah, thanks. i didn’t know it was on Friday as well. What time do the fireworks start?

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