Earthquake and Tsunami wipe out Numazu; Don’t panic.

1 09 2007

Feel like getting woken up at 8:30 in the morning to the sound of disaster sirens and then spend the next hour or so being reminded why you were rudely woken from your dreams by yet more alarms and voices. Well, today is your lucky day. Yes folks, today is earthquake disaster drill day for Numazu.

Fortunately for me I was awake when it all started. Though I really felt for those of our ilk who went out on the ran tan last night.

The responsibility for this carefully constructed earthquake exercise is none other than the Disaster Prevention and Earthquake Protection Division (though I am not sure why they wish to protect earthquakes). This day helps emergency planners and energetic families prepare themselves for the potential event of an earthquake. While today’s activities kicked off with an unnaturally early start it is a reminder for all of us living in Numazu to prepare for the event of an earthquake.

Numazu is particularly prone to earthquakes existing on the junction of three tectonic plates. Indeed there have been warnings of a large earthquake and subsequent tsunami that is well overdue to hit the Numazu area.

You can find out more about Emergence preparation by going to the Numazu City Hall’s website here. You can also check out the latest information about the current Earthquake drill in the August 15 issue of the Numazu Newsletter. Lastly you can get a great glossy earthquake guidebook from City Hall.

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