Impress you partner and make the earth move for them on the weekend.

22 08 2009

Hey studs and beauties, do you think you can make the earth move for your special someone? Well I am about to give you a chance to let your lover know you can. The best part is that your beloved Numazu will be you wingman or woman for this.

Here is how:

On Saturday the 29 August at 9:30am, an earthquake alarm will sound in Numazu as part of their annual earthquake preparedness drill. Now if you are the lover we have heard you are, you may well be able to time things just right…to inform your partner about what you need to do in case of an earthquake and how best to prepare for it.

There will also be an early warning for the drill that will be broadcasted over the city speakers at 6:50am just to get you in the mood.  And then at 8:30am there will be a warning that the actual earthquake is coming (pun not intended, then revised, self congratulated and fully intended).

After you two love birds have spend the rest of the morning in each others arms under the sheets reading the earth quake preparedness manual to each other, another alarm will sound at 12:00 that all has ended and it is time to make some breakfast before a romantic afternoon shopping for earthquake supplies. Your lover will be so impressed that they will be telling all their friends about you.

Well done you Lotharios and minxes. I knew you could do it!


You can find out more about the drill here. And here is the link for the Earthquake Disaster Prevention Guidebook.

Oh and here is a little something to get you in the mood.