31 December Shizuoka Daidogei, get your Zombie on! -circus arts festival

21 10 2009

I know it’s a bit late for a shout out and this is a little away from the Numazu scene, but there is a big circus arts festival being held on the weekend of 31 October, and just so happens to be Halloween. It is a massive event with dozens of street performances running concurrently through the streets of Shizuoka.

The plan – This year our little community of expats in the Shizuoka area have decided to come as a Zombie horde. But we need your help to boost numbers and put our support behind the circus arts festival.

Fun and games start at 10am. All you need to do is come dressed as a zombie, or something else if that’s your day job, and wander the streets of Shizouka. We will be filming on the day so we can make a montage of the event and get it out there on Youtube. We will probably end up finishing things up by 3pm.

Daidogei circus arts perfomances are held everywhere on the north side of the Shizuoka station just grab a map from out side the station and have a rock good time.

I have also made a shout out to the Tokyo Improv Everywhere Groups to boost our numbers. Everyone is invited.

You can find out more information about Daidogei here:

I will see you there.


Yagisan Atode.



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