The Numazu Midlands, the feet of Mt Ashitaka

18 09 2010

The Numazu Midlands, the feet of Mt Ashitaka

Approximately 4km due north of Numazu station you will find the land begin to rise into the Numazu Midlands. This area resides at the foot of Mt Ashitaka a 1505m and is an excellent location for a day hike and a look at Japanese rural life and nature.

Walking up beyond the Shinkansen tracks you emerge into an area with rolling fields of tea. If you are a curious explorer I recommend you find your way down into a valley, find a path and enjoy the vegetable small holdings thatare interspersed among the tea.
Making your way beyond the tea fields across the Tomei Expressway and try and find yourself an old dirt track that will take your through some small pockets of forest in the area. In Summer you will find a large variety of wild flower and signs of wildlife including wild boar.
Small holding
From almost any access point to the Numazu Midlands you will find something interesting to see for the hiker or mountain bike enthusiast. Check out my video to catch a glimpse of what you might find on your trip to the foot of Ashitaka Mountain.
Yellow Goya
Scott Donald

Asai Dental Clinic – Numazu

6 09 2010

Asai Dental Clinic
Japanese Dentist.
Here is a very good test to determine if your Japanese dentist or doctors is going to be good or not. In your first consultation, if your doctor or dentist ever proudly mentions to the word traditional, or dentouteki, in relation to their practice, hurriedly but graciously take your leave. Mind you, if you meet your dentist and he is wearing one of those antiquated reflective round silver disks on his head like in one of those black and white doctor movies I would back away slowly and once you are out the door run for your life (this happened to a friend of mine a few years back).

I suppose just like any country, there are some good doctors and dentists and some bad ones. What makes it seem that things are worse here in Japan than back home is probably more of a result of the language barrier rather than any gross incompetence. Most people can pretty much tell after a consultation or two whether or not they are in the hands of someone less skilled than they are used too. Perhaps that professional is actually providing you with sound advice but let’s face it, who really studies medical terms when learning a language. This lack of understand, which is general laughable in every day life, can become frightening when it comes to your own heath.

This is where places like Asai Dental Clinic come to your rescue. Asai Dental Clinic is a highly professional, modern dental center with the most important thing of all; a friendly Dentist who can speak fluent English.

My wife and I have both had treatments at the Asai Dental Clinic and found the service excellent. The friendly staff do their best to accommodate everyone no matter your Japanese level and the Dentist explains every step for you in English. You can’t ask for better service.

P.S. I thought it might be helpful to start making a list of medical professionals that speak English in the local area. I will add this to the ‘living’ page and add a map along with it. If you have any recommendations feel free to message me so I can add them to the list.

Hours: 9:00am-12:30pm, 2:00pm-7:00pm (until 5:00pm on Wednesdays) English speaking dentist works Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

Phone: 055-963-5226 (note that the receptionist may only speak Japanese)