Earthquake center in Fujinomiya – Near Numazu

15 03 2011

Just got shook up by a magnatude 4  with an upper 6 in the center at Fujinomiya. Everything seems to be okay so far. Will let you know of any changes. JMA Earthquake map

11:10pm no Tsunami Warnings on JMA so far.

11:25pm NHK reported no threat of tsunami

11:28pm NHK 6.2 magnatude 10km deep.  Shizuoka Nulcear power station is all good.

11:00am 16 Mar  – this is a good article on the results of the Earthquake.

Yesterdays quake was not related to the Tokai Earthquake prediction.




4 responses

16 03 2011

My Aunt lives in Fujinomiya……. Is there any damage ?

16 03 2011

Hi Mike. The NHK new reports have said that a few telephone poles collapsed but there was no other damage reported.

16 03 2011

Thank you for the info. Have family in Numazu-elderly, who don’t use computers so nice to see updates and able to share with family in Seattle!

16 03 2011

No worries Gina. I just sorry I didn’t start posting earlier.

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