Numazu- What’s On – June 2011

1 06 2011

Numazu- What’s On – June 2011


Highlighting the best of what’s on inNumazufor June 2011


Beer – Baird Beer – Rainy Season Black Ale is out just in time. June


Soccer – Speak EZ –Peru vsJapan live 7pm start June 1


Party –Speak EZ – Spazz If You Want To’ is up to its usual mischief with a live DJ with free entry. June 4


Outdoors –Tree Planting Day. Get your nature on and plant some native trees to support the wildlife. 9:30 – 11:30am atImazawaJunior High School. I’ll see you there. June 5


Soccer – Speak EZ –CzechRepublic vsJapan live 7pm start June 7


DJ – Speak EZ – Open DJ night open to 20 DJ’s  free entry Jun 11


Outdoors – Firefly Festival – This event at the Youth House in Nature, between Seseragi and Ahirugaike pond is basically a Firefly viewing but it still doesn’t mean that we can’t use “festival” in our words right? 1900-2100 – June 11 and 12


Live – Speak EZ – Full Moon party live band admission 1000 yen Jun 16


Dance – Speak Ez – Salsa night from beginners to advanced starts at 9pm admission 1000yen – June 17


Live – Speak EZ –Bluegrass live music. Free admission. 9pm start – June 18


Food Festival –Fuji No Kuni gourmet festival in Mishima in three sites: Nipon Universtiy,RakujyuenPark and Mishima Taisha – June 18 and 19


Outdoors – Festa Costa Del Gomi –Someone has been working on their publicity spin. The Coastal Festival of the Rubbish is a day to pick up rubbish on the Senbon beach. Prizes for most unusual rubbish found and boulder sculpture. Do you bit. 9am-12pm – June 19 (June 26 if rain)




If you have any more events forNumazuto add chuck em in the comments below.






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