Typhoon Ma-On – Tropical Cyclone.

19 07 2011

I looks like the typhoon season is starting early for us in Numazu. Our first cracker of a Typhoon for the year is Ma-On.

It is currently crawling its way over Shikuoku Island heading in a northerly direction but is set to make a dog-leg turn east to head along the Honshu coast. The Japanese Meteorological Agency has recorded the typhoon’s intensity as strong while AIR Worldwide has dubbed it as category 2 cyclone. Current maximum wind gusts have been recorded as 157 km/hr while NHK news has suggested that rainfall could be up to 200ml.


It looks like Numazu should expect the centre of the typhoon to pass closest to it some time late tomorrow July 19 to early July 20. According to a bulletin on NHK, Numazu is also expected to get a downpour of rain of around 200ml over the next few days. As the typhoon hits the land its strength should weaken but it is recommended that you keep up-to-date with JMA and local news.

Typhoons are common in Japan and with something of Ma-On’s size there is no current call for emergency measures. As usual, I would recommend that you check your emergency kit, have plenty of water and food ready, keep one eye on the news and the other on a good book.


Japan Meteorological Agency

AIR Worldwide

United States Air Force – Joint Typhoon Warning Centre

NHK Worldwide

Update July 20 9:00am 


According to the JMA weather map, the typhoon has changed directions a little and it’s epicenter is predicted to remain off the coast. This suggests that we may be in for a lighter thrashing than expected.

Tsukuru Izakaya – Numazu

3 07 2011

Tsukuru Izakaya – Numazu  North Side

Just as the tendrils ofNumazu’s back alleys release themselves into built up suburbia, there are small oases of restaurants designed to feed the locals houses and apartments. In one little area on the North side ofNumazu, a little beyond two major supermarkets, Coop and Maxvalue, lies a small string of such restaurants.

Lately, my wife and I have been taking this route home from our regular Tuesday afternoon grocery shop. Each time we pass this area we declare, in the perfect cliché of a long serving married couple, that we “really should try one of these places out one of these days.”

Investigating these types of places can sometimes fill you with trepidation. You just don’t know if you are going to enter some territorial hotspot. Will you be met with the cold hate filled stares of regulars, as you are about to park your derriere on the recently deceased Granny Suzuki’s chair, while the waiter triggers the panic button under the counter calling for a horde of samuri obaasans to decent upon you and tear you to threads with their devilishly sharp elbows?* Alternatively you could be welcomed in with a warm smile and greeted with an excellent meal. You just never know.
photo 5(1)

Fortunately this time it was the latter. As my wife and I entered one of the restaurants in this little food oasis called Tsukuru 巣くる or, as a waitress explained, Create. This little classic style izakaya with a quirky striped white pebble and black timber walkway was an excellent choice. There are only four seating areas two tables on the side wall and a traditional style raised sublevel with recesses under the tables to plonk your feet.
photo 1

We had arrived early so we took our orders from the chef and settled down to a couple of beers. While we were waiting for our meals two waitresses arrived and prepared themselves for their evening.

First to come out was a prawn and cheese spring roll halved and placed on a bed of lettuce. This was delivered by an impressive young woman who had eyelashes that were no doubt designed to provide shade from the summer heat for her and a small tribe of pygmies clinging to her lower boughs. The spring rolls were light and crispy with a delicate minced prawn aftertaste mixed with the mild cheese.
photo 3
Another round of spring rolls ensued. This time they were a cold salad spring roll filled with salad herbs and thin slices of ham and drizzled with some sweet chili sauce. This was a refreshing cleanse from the deep fried treat we devoured earlier.
photo 4

Next came an exceptional dish of splayed avocado topped with slivers of smoked salmon and finished will small dollops of cream cheese. This unctuous treat lay in a bed of mild vinegar and soy. The unusually soft texture of the salmon and avocado was surprising to my palate but nevertheless enjoyable.

photo 1(1)
Just like any red blooded man, I have an uncontrollable urge to order fried chicken when ever I see it on the menu (I also make myself a mountain of fried chicken to gorge upon when ever my wife is out on the town with her friends, so I can release the true animal within; sitting on my haunches and rendering flesh from bone with my gnashing teeth as globules of grease drip upon the massacred remnants of chicken bone strewn below…but that story is for another time). Tsukuru’s fried chicken was very good. It was extremely well spiced to the point of competing with the ‘Colonel’ but a little over cooked in the centre leaving the meat a little stringy.
photo 2(1)

photo 3(1)

To finish off our little feast my wife and I shared a bacon and mushroom spaghetti carbonara that proved to be a deliciously good filler.
photo 5

IzakayaTsukuru was the perfect end to a busy day. Its staff were eager and attentive and, it seemed, very happy to see foreigners so far out into the suburbs ofNumazu.

* This is an increasingly all too common occurrence in Japan  and heralds the coming of the New World Order run by supprisingly sprightly obaasans. For more Conspiracies on this check out this post. 

Style: Independent Izakaya.

English Menu: No sorry Japanese.

Picture Menu: Some pictures

Phone: (055) 925-9330

 Hours: 17:30~3:00hrs

Price: Dishes average around 650yen Izakaya Stlye.

Directions: Numazu North Side north of Coop just before Route 1

Tsunami Drill

2 07 2011

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that there is a tsunami drill on this morning.

Numazu – What’s On – July 2011

1 07 2011

Numazu- What’s On – July 2011

Highlighting the best of what’s on inNumazufor July 2011

Live – Spazz If You Want To – Exceptional Local DJ’s no door charge – July 2

Festival – Tanabata ( Star Festival) –  The Numazu Nakamise is lined with storks of bamboo with paper wishers attached andlots of decorations that my 192cm height head butts. More here. ~ July  10

BBQ – Speak EZ hosts a BBQ atMinatoguchiPark  – BYO booze and food. 12:00 – July 3

Live –Fureai Square Performance -Bands, Street Performance, Taiko Drums, Mini Train etc. Numauz North Exit right in front of Bivi. 11:00-16:00. July 3

Market –Ricodori (Rico Shopping Street). Local vegetable market, demonstrations in making puffed cereal, cereal give aways. 11:00-15:00. July 3

Live – Regional Friendship Concert. Limited seats East Annex of Imperial Villa. 14:00-15:30. July 3

Festival – Kamihon Wid-Chime Festival. Free Wind-chimes and fans for the first 100. 13:00 ~ . July 7

Live – Speak EZ Acoustic Night – 20:00~23:00 after live DJ. Entrance 1000 Yen. July 8

Live – Acoustic Live with Jordan Patrick and Friends – Folk Rock With Some Covers at Baird Beer’s Taproom. Any live performance at the Taproom is awesome. From 20:00. July 9th

Live –Speak EZ DJ Choinori – R&B, Hiphop and House – Free entry from 10:00pm. July 9


Sports – Kano River Walk and Run – I know that there is a couple of you who are into some long distance running so if you are interested check this one out. Run categories are in 3,5, 10 and 20km distances http://www.n-machiaruki.com July 10

Beer – Baird Beer 11 anniversary celebrations – This year they will be celebrating again with a BBQ this time with a Tex/Mex theme down stairs. Upstairs there will be a 1500 yen Buffet each day from noon til 8pm (BBQ items included in this price). 500yen beer in a plactic cup and the usual pint for 700yen. There will also be scheduled tours each day. July 16, 17, 18

Dance – Speak EZ Salsa Night – Jump in on this regular for a sexy good time. 8pm Start. Entrance 1000yen. 15 July

Live – Speak EZ Live Jam – Bring your axe and play. from 20:00. Free. 16 July

Dance – Speak EZ Anime Dance Party – A little bit of cosplay and little bit of fun. Just check out the link, hilarious. early start 2pm-10pm. Free. July 17

Live – Speak EZ Shady Glimpse – Thrash it out with this new school hardcore group. Opens at 20:30 starts at 21:00. Cover 1000yen (including drink)

Exhibition  –  Sailboat Models display – Excptional display of model sailboats. Don’t know how they got this past the ninja committee but this is definitely a pirates dream.Numazu ImperialVilla Park from 12:00 July 16-24

Festival – 32 Heda Port Festival – Fire works, drums, yosakoi dancers. At theHedaPortCentral Peir. 13:00 start . July 23

Live –Speak EZ DJ Wakana – This cuties will be spinning some hot tunes. 9pm-11pm July 29

Drink – Speak EZ Summer Festival Special – After a thorough steaming at the Summer Festival Chill out with the cool vibes from the DJ’st at Speak EZ. From 20:00. Free.  July 30.

Festival – Numazu Summer Festival and Fireworks Show. This is the main event forNumazu. The entire south side is covered in endless stalls. There will be taiko drums, dancers, endless lines of street food, riverside performances and a massive fireworks display each night. This titan of a festival has been running since 1948. More info here. July 30 and 31


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