Typhoon Ma-On – Tropical Cyclone.

19 07 2011

I looks like the typhoon season is starting early for us in Numazu. Our first cracker of a Typhoon for the year is Ma-On.

It is currently crawling its way over Shikuoku Island heading in a northerly direction but is set to make a dog-leg turn east to head along the Honshu coast. The Japanese Meteorological Agency has recorded the typhoon’s intensity as strong while AIR Worldwide has dubbed it as category 2 cyclone. Current maximum wind gusts have been recorded as 157 km/hr while NHK news has suggested that rainfall could be up to 200ml.


It looks like Numazu should expect the centre of the typhoon to pass closest to it some time late tomorrow July 19 to early July 20. According to a bulletin on NHK, Numazu is also expected to get a downpour of rain of around 200ml over the next few days. As the typhoon hits the land its strength should weaken but it is recommended that you keep up-to-date with JMA and local news.

Typhoons are common in Japan and with something of Ma-On’s size there is no current call for emergency measures. As usual, I would recommend that you check your emergency kit, have plenty of water and food ready, keep one eye on the news and the other on a good book.


Japan Meteorological Agency

AIR Worldwide

United States Air Force – Joint Typhoon Warning Centre

NHK Worldwide

Update July 20 9:00am 


According to the JMA weather map, the typhoon has changed directions a little and it’s epicenter is predicted to remain off the coast. This suggests that we may be in for a lighter thrashing than expected.




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