Talas and Nanmadol: the evil twins of the Double Rainbow.

27 08 2011

There are two typhoons currently in the north west Pacific ocean. Currently the stronger of the two, Talas has just past over the Philipines and is making its way northwards along the Vietnam coast (Aren’t I glad that I am back from my holiday in Vietnam). The other, currently weaker typhoon, Nanmadol, is moving north towards Japan and may turn out to give us a spot of bad whether over the next few days (Aren’t I glad that I am back from my holiday in Vietnam?).

I know some of you are heading back to work in the next few days so keep an eye out for updates at the JMA website .




Change is in the air

24 08 2011

Hi all,

I am pleased to let you know that I have just created a new website called Hungry Feet. It will feature all the video and writing that I have accumulated over the years, promote my books and update you all on my future projects outside of Numazu Traveler.  You can even see a mirror of the blog there.

I’m not leaving Numazu Traveler. I am just having such a good time writing it that I thought I would expand my horizons.

The site is still in development stage but check it out at www.hungryfeet.com


Scott Donald

Numazu – What’s On – August 2011

1 08 2011

Sorry gang the Numazu What’s On for August is going to be a little untidy. I’m currently in Vietnam researching (read drinking too much) for my next book. The best I can do for you at the moment is to send this out from my iPhone. sorry no links this month.

Beer – the Fishmarket Taproom has a new brute of a beer out the Stone Collaboration Green Tea Beer. This beer Packs a whopping 9.2% punch. There is also word that they might have a DJ there one night and some BBQ’s over the summer break.

Festival – Mishima Summer festival big festival in this city pretty unusual markets and check out the Nohei boshi parade with samurai-dressed horse riders making their way down the street. Aug 15-17

Festival – Toi Summer Festival is a fishing village style festival that runs during the evening. 7pm-9pm Aug 18-21

Festival – Kano river Canoe Festival in Izu No Kuni City. 8:00-16:00 Aug 28