Beija Flor – Getting my Brazilian on – Numazu

8 03 2012

Beija Flor

Finding unusual foreign foods can be difficult sometimes in Numazu. So when I heard that the Brazilian shop on the south side was reopening under new management I was very excited.

Beija Flor, or in English, Hummingbird, is half pastry shop-half specialty food store on Numazu’s south side. As you enter, a large glass display of mostly savory and some sweet pastries gets your mouth watering. There is even a little bench you can sit and enjoy your freshly made pastry before picking up a few groceries. I was all ready to try some of their great looking pastries when a friend of mine I was meeting at the station decided to be ‘on time’ and I had to leave abruptly. How inconsiderate.

While the size of their establishment restricts their range, Beija Flor has an excellent selection of South American specialty foods at very good prices. I was particularly impressed by their wide range of dried beans. Yeah, I know it may seem a little odd to get excited over beans but when you are trying to make something with a little Brazilian flare like a feijoada,, then beans are a must.

Beija Flor’s range also includes an interesting selection of pastes, stocks, and mix that will help you to make the perfect Latin dish. They also have a very good stock of meat cuts – meat on the bone in Japan!!! – and real sausage which you might be missing from home. Finally, there is also an intriguing supply of biscuits, sweets, snacks and soft drink local to Brazil and well worth an explore. I particularly recommend trying the Inca Cola. Now, don’t get your mouth all ready for a cola taste, but be prepared for a very tasty creaming soda.

Beija Flor is a lovely little shop and well worthy of the support of the local expat community.

Phone: 055 952 6706




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25 03 2012
Big Sound Temple

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When Hiro turn for help to his money lend uncle the trouble get even worse. It seem Hiro uncle never forget what happen to his much love dog when Hiro just boy. It seem Hiro uncle now want his nephew to pay big time.

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This book is tell the much excite story.

9 03 2012

Nice tip! Will check it out!

8 03 2012

yup! i support this place!

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