Capoeira Club training in Numazu free.

25 04 2012

Grupo Capoeira de Noob – Golden Week training schedule.

Come join the fastest growing sport in Numazu, Capoeira. Capoeira is a styalized martial art from Brazil featuring acrobatics, dance and music.

Capoeira is a great full body workout and improves your strength, agility and flexibility.

Our little Capoeira group here in beautiful Numazu attempts to do all these things in a fun, friendly environment. We’re no pros but we would love it if you come join our little Roda (that’s the circle we play Capoeira in).

Training is totally free, just bring a water bottle towel and sports shoes.

We are going to try for four sessions this Golden Week (weather permitting) and you are welcome to any and all of them.


(keep an eye out for schedule changes)
28 April – Saturday 3:00pm start. (following day at 9:00am if raining)

30 April – Monday 10:00am


3 May – Thursday 10:00am (following day 10:00am in case of rain)   Cancelled.

5 May – Saturday 10:00am (following day 10:00am in case of rain)

We meet at the Numazu central park (沼津中央公園) on the south side of the station.




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