JP Bank ATM’s holidaying in the Cayman Islands this Golden Week

2 05 2012

The nation is in uproar this week after a recent press release by JP Bank’s public relations officer Haben Yuuon. The release disclosed to the Japanese public that all the ATM’s will be taking an all expenses paid vacation to the Cayman Islands for the Golden Week holidays.

After the collective rising creassendo of “uuuuuuhhh!” had subsided among the press members present at the release, Mr Yuuon explained that “our companies ATM’s have not had a holiday in many years and deserve a well earned break”.

It was only hours after the press release that the company’s decision was met by many and varied criticisms.

“What if I spend all my cash at the snack bar on the 3rd? How will I be able to go out the next three nights?”, Takeru Fujisawa, 35,  said from his bedroom in his aging parents house.

Another outraged citizen stated, “I can’t believe they are getting a holiday. I haven’t had a holiday in 15 year…I even work more hours than them. It is so unfair.” a bleary eyed salary man dispaired.

However, the majority of the anger seems to have come from the timing of the vacation. A possible spokesman from Occupy Tokyo, a two man and a rabbit sub-branch of the Occupy Wall Street movement said, “In these tough economic times it seems like a slap in the face for the country. I am not quite outraged that the JP Bank should be wasting money on pleasure trip for these over-privileged ATM’s. It is a massive waste of investors and customers money”.

The JP Bank has refused to respond to any criticisms.

Seriously though, the JP bank ATM’s will be closed on the 3, 4 and 5 of May due to system maintenance. If you need to get money out during this time either use a convenience store ATM.

More information at the JP Bank homepage.




3 responses

3 05 2012
Will Tice

Yeah, my card doesn’t work at all. Good thing my coworkers warned me!
…or at least I wish they had. Now I have 3000 yen for the holiday.

2 05 2012

This is funny

2 05 2012

I also was told that the JP Bank card might not work at all during the Golden Week period.

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