Numazu – What’s On – May 2012

1 07 2012

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for Mayl 2012. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – Shizuoka Summer Mikan Ale is back in Baird Brewing’s Taproom again. This refreshing beer is an annual favourite. At 5.5% is is a Goldilocks beer for summer.

Outdoors – The Citizens Forest campsite will be ready at the start or July and will say open until August 30th

Concert – Chiiki FU-RE-A-I Concert – A concert will be held in Heda. Quartet – from 14:00 – July 7

Party – Baird Brewing’s Taproom will have its 12th Anniversary this month.  Everything is Y500 — beers (plastic cups) and food. Sat & Sun they will also have  a BBQ in the brewery parking lot, 1:00-5:00 or 6:00. The taproom anniversaries are huge fun for Numazu and not one to miss. Here is a quote from the Cajun himself Chris “Friday from 5pm begins the weekend specials with our 5000yen Drink/Food card.  We call it a Nonbe/Tabe-ken.  All Beer and Food will be 500yen for the weekend but the card will get you 12 items for the price of 10 and a free BB glass when you finish the card and present it to one of the staff.  Cards are valid only for the 12 Year Anniversary weekend.  Use them this weekend or lose them.” Sounds good to me.   July 20-22

DJ – Spazz if You Want Too will be back again at Speak Ez – July 6

Festival – Tanabata  Star Festival will coming up soon. In the Nakamise the whole mall will be decorated until July 7. Special performance of Yosakoi dancing on July 7

Activities – Yosakoi – one of the biggest events in Numazu teams of traditional dancers from around the country country compete. You can be one of the dancers. Information session from 19:30 July 13

Activities – Want to get involved in the Numazu Summer Festival this year. Become one of the Mikoshi (mobile shrine) carriers. You can make a booking by phone 055-931-1111 or 055-934-4716 by July 13

Festival – Heda port festival will be on this month. Shrines, fireworks and weird cardboard box races on the sea. Well worth a visit. From 13:00 – July 21

Festival – Numazu Summer Festival – The biggest even in Numazu all year. Stall, beer, drunken Mikoshi carriers, beer, fireworks, beer, yukatas, beer, dancers, beer – July 28 and 29

If you know of any other event going on this month in the Numazu area feel free to post them in the comments below.



3 responses

5 07 2012

I have a question and i hope you can answer it. I am going to bicycle Suruga Bay from Zama city Thursday midnight. I can either take route 246 or route 1. Do you have any idea which is less crowded and better route?
Thanks, Chris

5 07 2012

Hi Chris,
Sorry mate, I just had a look on Google maps and couldn’t find route 246 or Zama city. I have taken route 1 to do the Suruga coast a couple of times. It is a very busy roads and does, on occasion, have signs telling cyclist that they cant ride (but most cyclist in Japan take this as a suggestion). You will get some good views of the bay from here. If I were you I would play a route on some alt roads next to route one to give you a better ride on your trip. There is a great 14km section where you can ride along the tsunami wall between Fuji an Numazu. It’s popular with cyclists just remember you will have to get on and off the wall at one spot. If you are going from Numazu down the peninsular to Ose, then you really only have one choice, 414 and then 17. From Fuji (or more accurately Kanbarra) to just past Yui take the old Tokaido 369 for a better ride and old fishing villages. Continue to take the old Tokaido (now route 1) from Yui to Shimizu follow the road as it changes to route 149 then 150. At Hirono take the 416 to Shizuoka. I haven’t yet ridden past Shiz to Hamamatsu yet.

Hope this helps.

7 07 2012


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