Numazu – What’s On – November 2011

1 11 2011

Numazu – What’s On – November 2011

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for November 2011. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – Country Girl Kabocha Ale – is at Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom and ready to blow your mind. This is one of my favourite seasonal beers.

Activity – Ganyudo Ferry Boad – Jump on a traditional ferry boat and discover what it used to be like when Numazu was a fishing village. On the Kano River. 100 yen one way. 0900-1525hrs Oct29-Nov 6

Exhibition – Traditional Fishing Historical Exhibit – National collection of fishing artifacts – Numazu Imperial Villa now-Nov 2

AttractionsChrysanthemum Flowering – The Numazu Imperial Villa comes to life with this attractive floral display. Fee 100yen Nov 3 – Nov 17

Party – Spazz if you want too – Live DJ with some groove at the SpeakEz Bar. Free – starts at 9pm – Nov 5

Festival – Kanaoka Festival – Up on the far north side of Numazu just accross the road from route 1 is an interesting festival in the back streets. Nov 6

Live – Full moon acoustic party – SpeakEz is at it again for this great event. Nov 11

Festival – 15th Yosakoi Tokaido – This massive two day event occupies the streets of downtown Numazu and the Kano River. This is like no other festival. The Yosakoi is a colourful traditional (an not so traditional) dance theater competition. Beautiful costumes, soaring giant flags, and amazing dancing. Don’t miss it. Don’t let the scary kid on the homepage fool you. Free on the south side of Numazu – from 11:00 12-13 Nov

Dance – Salsa Night – Wiggle your hips at Speak EZ for their salsa night. 1000 yen Starts at 8pm.

Performance – Rakugo (traditional Japanese humorous monologue) – Japanese highbrow comedy. Performances at 13:00 and 16:30 Feb 19

Live – Takehara Pistol – A SpeakEz concert – 21 Nov.

Events –  International Exchange Fare – Local expats sharing their countries dance, traditional clothing and food. A NICE production – San-Well Multi-purpose hall 4fl – 10:30-15:00 Nov 27


Halloween Party in Numazu -2011

24 10 2011

Wondering what to do for Halloween in Numazu this year? Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom and SpeakEz have you covered.

It looks like the festivities will kick off this year on Saturday night October 29th 2011  to let those of us who work on the weekdays party.

Here’s a suggested itinerary.

Step 1

Get into your best costume. Yup there are going to be prizes. And besides you owe it to the girls who will be wearing their skimpy Halloween costumes.
Step 2 

Get yourself down to the Taproom by at least 5pm and lubricate yourself on some outstanding beer. The Taproom crew will be setting up a free karaoke machine with free English and Japanese songs. Spook your friends with your crappy karaoke voice. I know I will.

Step 3

Jump into a taxi or freak out the locals by walking, but no matter what you do make sure you finish the night at SpeakEZ. There will be a live (well depending on their costume) DJ and prizes for the best and sexiest costume (look out I will be shaving my legs). Starts at 8pm.

Step 4
Go home with the guy, girl or thing you found that night.

Step 5

Sneak out of the place before they get up and head on down to the Taproom for a hair-of-the-dog and some breakfast on the 30 October. (getting changed is optional)

Step 6 

Gush over how great a time you had.

See you there.


Numazu – What’s On – October 2011

3 10 2011

Numazu – What’s On – October 2011

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for October 2011. If you like something click on the link for more details.

Beer – Baird Belgian Pale Ale – This new one tastes great. Have a pint at the Taproom

Exhibit – Autumn Flower Exhibit – Numazu Imperial Villa. 09:00-16:30 – Oct 6-26

Art – Stages Art Festival – part of the Imperial Villa Japan Art Festival. From 18:30 Oct 8

Sports/Beer – Rugby World Cup in Numazu – Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom will be playing the world cup. If its not on when you are there ask for it and I am sure they will oblige.  Next Saturday is the first and second qualifier and it should be on around mid afternoon. Oct 8,9,15,16,21,22

Concert – Yomei-ji Music Festival – four local music groups playing – From 17:00 Oct 9

Concert – Shiorai no Utage (Concert among the pine trees) – part of the Imperial Villa Japan Art Festival. 100yen. 13:00-14:30 Oct 10

Beer – Yamamomo Mountain Peach Ale – Baird Beer will be releasing this exciting new ale. Taproom Released around Oct 10-15

Festival –Uchiura Aji Festival (horse mackeral fest) – Learning about a major part of the fish industry – 9:00 – 14:00 Oct 10

Concert – Yugen no Sekai (Jazz concert) – part of the Imperial Villa Japan Art Festival. Free. From 18:30 Oct 11

Contest – Numazu 2nd language speech contest – Japanese with say a 5 min speech in English and vice-versa. City Library 4th floor – 13:00-16:00 – Oct 16

Dance –Salsa Night – Speakez are at is again with their monthly salsa night. Have a ball. – 8pm – 9pm – 1000yen entry fee includes dance lesson with a cute girl or guy. Free after 12 (not the guy or girl). -21 Oct

Festival –Autumn Green Festival – Gardening displays, classes and auctions- Numazu Imperial Villa – 9:30-16:30 – Oct 22-23

Craft – Pottery Class – Senbon Plaza – 500yen 11:00-12:00 – Oct23

Party – Yuichi and Kyoko Birthday Bash – Speak EZ is celebrating the owner, Yuichi and his bar babe Kyoko’s birthday. Come along and enjoy. Oct 26

Party – Halloween – SpeakEZ with be hosting its annual Halloween Party. Get your fancy dress on and impress. 29 Oct

Party – Halloween – Taproom will be hosting a Halloween Party come along and check out their Autumn beer. 30Oct

Numazu Pride Festival – Numazu Jiman 2011

17 09 2011

Last week I enjoyed some of Baird Beer’s finest beers at the Numazu Jiman (Pride) Beer Garden.  When I posted about the Jiman Beer Garden on September’s What’s On I really didn’t know where they were going with the whole event. From my translation I gathered that Jiman meant to brag or to show pride. I couldn’t see Numazu, or any town in Japan for that matter, brag about what ever it was they were offering so I assumed it was ‘pride’, but pride about what I was not sure.

Numazu Jiman Beer Garden Festa

The festival ran from the 7th to the 9th of  September in the Numazu Chuo Koen (south side of the station where the walking bridge across the Kano River is). The open air event spread out over the park with stalls in one corner, stage in another and the rest of the park packed with tables and chairs.

Early Autumn in Numazu just feels like summer minus the humidity. This makes it perfect for beer drinking because, while you are a little hot sitting at the table, you cool down just enough with the help of a beer.

The night I went was Friday night and the weather was ideal. I am glad I went early because the park was soon packed and even invoking the power of my foreignness this time did not work to dissuade people from sitting at my table or attempting to take the chairs I was guarding for friends.

The whole crew from Numazu Baird Beer were there including the beer master Brian. They also invited another craft brewer, Iwate Kura Beer, to the event but I didn’t get a chance to taste their beer. The local passion for Baird Beer could be seen by the long trail of customers lining up for a beer. If you did not want beer you could choose from a cocktail vendor and a local sake maker.

Bair Beer Crew at the Numazu Jiman Festa

Baird Beer Brew Master Brian Baird at Jiman Festa

While I was there,  the stage events started with a gravity defying cocktail making performance by a local awarding winning barmen. The show was spectacular. The barman juggled and spun bottles and shakers to some pumping beats before dispensing his cocktails in Martini glasses and offering them to a lucky few of the of the audience.  After this was a local alternative jass group that performed some mellow songs to keep everyone chilled for the evening.

Jazz Group Playing at Jiman Festa

Before I went home I wandered among the stalls. As the name of the event suggests, all the food was from local restaurants and cooks. There was Rosso Pomodoro, a local pizza vendor, who brought his wood-fired pizza oven along and was cranking out hand made pizzas to a large queue of hungry customers. Another stall was cooking up local seafood over the barbecue.  A yakitori vendor was smoking up the place with some delicious skewered delicacies. And if you were too worried that you would lose your chair when you got up to get something to eat, then you could call out to one of the Numazu Pro-wrestlers who were wandering around with a variety of cooked goodies.

Barbecue seafood at the Jiman Festa Numazu

In short the Numazu Jiman Beer Garden Festival was the perfect event for the right time of year. More importantly, you got to try out some of the amazing food that Numazu that I have been in love with for years. Numazu should be proud.

Stay tuned to Numazu Traveler to find out when next year’s Jiman Festival will be.

Off to the Numazu Jiman Festa

9 09 2011

To day I am off to the Numazu Jiman Festa. I’ll see you there. I’ll be the tall one with the video camera asking question in bad Japanese.

Numazu – What’s On – September 2011

2 09 2011

Numazu – What’s On – September 2011

Hey gang,

Sorry for the delay. I have been preoccupied trying to get my book, An Amorous Rout, out on Amazon. I’m nearly finished so we will be back to normal in the next few days.

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for September 2011. If you like something click on the link for more details.

Beer Baird Belgain Wit – A new white beer just out for this month and a “a wickedly strong Imperial Red Ale” (Cajun Chris). Try them at the Fishmarket Taproom

Nightlife – Spazz if you want to – Speakez’s AUN are at it again with some solid beats – No door charge – From 9pm Sep 3

Tour – Beer brewers Tour – Visit a brewers in Tade Hara. Limited to 10 people meeting at Machiaruki Station 15:30-17:00, Sep 3

Art – Famous Calligraphy and Paintings – Meiji Historical Museum. Shogun era art. Street Gallery at head office of Numazu Shinkin Bank, a side road of the Nakamise. Sep 6 – 30

Nightlife – Numazu Jiman Festa 2001When I looked up the meaning for Jiman I found pride, boast and vanity, so I will leave the meaning up to you. Basically is will be a beer garden featuring local food, beer (Baird Beer of course), and live entertainment. Yes I will be there but that is no reason not to go. At Numazu Chuo Koen (the north side of the walking bridge over Kanogawa) 17:00-21:00 Sep 7-9

Nightlife – Bluegrass –  kick back and fiddle… erh … with your self at Speak-ez. Free entry 21:00 9 Sep

Art – 7th Goze Arts Festival – Mihamasaki Park 18:00 – 21:30 Sep 10

Nightlife – DJ UK style – Speak-ez pumping drum and bass. Free entry – 21:00~ Sep 10

Entertainment – Numazu Pro Wrestling – Kiramesse – Sep 10

Courses – How to Grow Autumn Vegetables – follow learn what to to plant and watch your harvest grow until December. 3,000yen fee. First class 10:00~  Sep 11

Nightlife –Full Moon Pary Speak-Ez – Chillax at Speak-ez or howl at the moon up to you – Costume waitresses – entrance 1000yen – 20:00 ~ Sep 14

Dance – Salsa Night at Speak Ez – 1000 entrance free after 0:00hrs – 8:00pm start Sep 16

Live –Jam Session Speak Ez – Free – 20:00 Sep 17

Live – Jam Session Speak Ez – Free – 20:00 Sep 18

Activities – Rickshaw Rides by Pro Wrestlers – These guys from Numazu Pro-Wrestling know how to promote themselves. Jump on a rickshaw in Numazu and know you have a mountain of a pro wrestler effortlessly pulling you along. Hey you know you can get away with hurling abuse at pedestrians now. From 10:00 17-19 Sep, 23-25 Sep, 8-10 Oct

Courses – Pottery Classes – Open to all ages this Youth House In Nature Project teaches you how to make tea cups, vases and the like. Admission is 700yen including insurance. 9:00-12:00 Sep 18

Festival – Hie Shrine Festival – 14:00 – 18:00 Sep 23

Nightlife –DJ Event ‘Kanon’ – Mix music – Free – 21:00 Sep 23

Music – Gagaku (the oldest form of classical music) Music in Numazu Goyotei Park – Traditional music and dance at he Imperial Villa Park – 100yen – 18:00~ Sep 24 – 18:30~ Sep 25

Nightlfie – DJ even ‘Slow to speak’ – Speak-ez sweet mix of techo and rock – free – 21:00 Sep 24

Courses – Chinese Cooking Class – a NICE project for first 20 people 10:00~ Sep 25

Numazu – What’s On – July 2011

1 07 2011

Numazu- What’s On – July 2011

Highlighting the best of what’s on inNumazufor July 2011

Live – Spazz If You Want To – Exceptional Local DJ’s no door charge – July 2

Festival – Tanabata ( Star Festival) –  The Numazu Nakamise is lined with storks of bamboo with paper wishers attached andlots of decorations that my 192cm height head butts. More here. ~ July  10

BBQ – Speak EZ hosts a BBQ atMinatoguchiPark  – BYO booze and food. 12:00 – July 3

Live –Fureai Square Performance -Bands, Street Performance, Taiko Drums, Mini Train etc. Numauz North Exit right in front of Bivi. 11:00-16:00. July 3

Market –Ricodori (Rico Shopping Street). Local vegetable market, demonstrations in making puffed cereal, cereal give aways. 11:00-15:00. July 3

Live – Regional Friendship Concert. Limited seats East Annex of Imperial Villa. 14:00-15:30. July 3

Festival – Kamihon Wid-Chime Festival. Free Wind-chimes and fans for the first 100. 13:00 ~ . July 7

Live – Speak EZ Acoustic Night – 20:00~23:00 after live DJ. Entrance 1000 Yen. July 8

Live – Acoustic Live with Jordan Patrick and Friends – Folk Rock With Some Covers at Baird Beer’s Taproom. Any live performance at the Taproom is awesome. From 20:00. July 9th

Live –Speak EZ DJ Choinori – R&B, Hiphop and House – Free entry from 10:00pm. July 9


Sports – Kano River Walk and Run – I know that there is a couple of you who are into some long distance running so if you are interested check this one out. Run categories are in 3,5, 10 and 20km distances July 10

Beer – Baird Beer 11 anniversary celebrations – This year they will be celebrating again with a BBQ this time with a Tex/Mex theme down stairs. Upstairs there will be a 1500 yen Buffet each day from noon til 8pm (BBQ items included in this price). 500yen beer in a plactic cup and the usual pint for 700yen. There will also be scheduled tours each day. July 16, 17, 18

Dance – Speak EZ Salsa Night – Jump in on this regular for a sexy good time. 8pm Start. Entrance 1000yen. 15 July

Live – Speak EZ Live Jam – Bring your axe and play. from 20:00. Free. 16 July

Dance – Speak EZ Anime Dance Party – A little bit of cosplay and little bit of fun. Just check out the link, hilarious. early start 2pm-10pm. Free. July 17

Live – Speak EZ Shady Glimpse – Thrash it out with this new school hardcore group. Opens at 20:30 starts at 21:00. Cover 1000yen (including drink)

Exhibition  –  Sailboat Models display – Excptional display of model sailboats. Don’t know how they got this past the ninja committee but this is definitely a pirates dream.Numazu ImperialVilla Park from 12:00 July 16-24

Festival – 32 Heda Port Festival – Fire works, drums, yosakoi dancers. At theHedaPortCentral Peir. 13:00 start . July 23

Live –Speak EZ DJ Wakana – This cuties will be spinning some hot tunes. 9pm-11pm July 29

Drink – Speak EZ Summer Festival Special – After a thorough steaming at the Summer Festival Chill out with the cool vibes from the DJ’st at Speak EZ. From 20:00. Free.  July 30.

Festival – Numazu Summer Festival and Fireworks Show. This is the main event forNumazu. The entire south side is covered in endless stalls. There will be taiko drums, dancers, endless lines of street food, riverside performances and a massive fireworks display each night. This titan of a festival has been running since 1948. More info here. July 30 and 31


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