Sirens – Tsunami Warning

6 02 2013

If you have just heard the sirens and are wondering WTF! They are a tsunami warning for Numazu. There is an estimated 0.5m tsunami for the coast of Japan due to a 8.0 Magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean near Indonesia.

Tsunami walls are several meters high, so there is little to worry about unless you are on the beaches in which case evacuate to higher ground beyond the tsunami wall immediately. Stay safe and follow the lead of the locals. Everything seems safe.


Japan Meteorological Agency

News Report of the Earthquake

Numazu – What’s On – December 2011

6 12 2011

Numazu – What’s On – December 2011

Yeah, I know, I know I am totally late for this one and deserve a good beating but Osaka and Kyoto were totally worth it. I’ll go fetch the studded paddle and warm up the dungeon while you check out What’s On in the Zu this month.

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for December 2011. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – The Baird Beer team are at it again with a warming winter special, the West Coast Wheat Wine 2011. According to the brew master Bryan’s blog this beauty is derived from the British barley wine style but refined in Sacramento U.S.A. using West Coast hops. Check it out at the Fishmarket Taproom.

Exhibition – Mon Myuze Numazu Art Museum – View the art of Noboru Iwaki – 10:00-17:00, Dec 3-25

Exhibition – Senbon Plaza Gallery – The art of paper cutting by Takenokono – Kai Dec 6-12

Live – Speak EZ acoustic night from 8pm to 11pm, 1000yen entrance, Dec 9

Opening – The Opening of the Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium is an exciting step for tourism in Numazu. This place will feature deep sea marine animals in Suruga Bay. Entry 1600yen for adults. Opens Dec 10

DJ – Speak EZ’s Kousankai will chill you out this Saturday. Entry 1000yen + 1 drink, 8pm start, Dec 10

Exhibition – Senbon Plaza Gallery – An exhibition of flower pictures by – Dec 13-19

DJ live – Speak EZ is gonna get you thrashing to some intense hardcore at “Ogre”. Dec 23

Christmas Dinner –Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom will be having another Christmas Dinner extravaganza with a turkey dinner this year. Only 1500 yen for this great feed. Last years was delicious. Book in advance or risk missing out. 24-25 Dec.
New Years – Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom will be offering a Mexican Buffect from 5 til 10. There will also be some countdown karaoke. A great way to bring in the new year. 31 Dec
New Years – Speak Ez Countdown Party. These new year parties are epic! Free Entry. 31 Dec

Numazu – What’s On – September 2011

2 09 2011

Numazu – What’s On – September 2011

Hey gang,

Sorry for the delay. I have been preoccupied trying to get my book, An Amorous Rout, out on Amazon. I’m nearly finished so we will be back to normal in the next few days.

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for September 2011. If you like something click on the link for more details.

Beer Baird Belgain Wit – A new white beer just out for this month and a “a wickedly strong Imperial Red Ale” (Cajun Chris). Try them at the Fishmarket Taproom

Nightlife – Spazz if you want to – Speakez’s AUN are at it again with some solid beats – No door charge – From 9pm Sep 3

Tour – Beer brewers Tour – Visit a brewers in Tade Hara. Limited to 10 people meeting at Machiaruki Station 15:30-17:00, Sep 3

Art – Famous Calligraphy and Paintings – Meiji Historical Museum. Shogun era art. Street Gallery at head office of Numazu Shinkin Bank, a side road of the Nakamise. Sep 6 – 30

Nightlife – Numazu Jiman Festa 2001When I looked up the meaning for Jiman I found pride, boast and vanity, so I will leave the meaning up to you. Basically is will be a beer garden featuring local food, beer (Baird Beer of course), and live entertainment. Yes I will be there but that is no reason not to go. At Numazu Chuo Koen (the north side of the walking bridge over Kanogawa) 17:00-21:00 Sep 7-9

Nightlife – Bluegrass –  kick back and fiddle… erh … with your self at Speak-ez. Free entry 21:00 9 Sep

Art – 7th Goze Arts Festival – Mihamasaki Park 18:00 – 21:30 Sep 10

Nightlife – DJ UK style – Speak-ez pumping drum and bass. Free entry – 21:00~ Sep 10

Entertainment – Numazu Pro Wrestling – Kiramesse – Sep 10

Courses – How to Grow Autumn Vegetables – follow learn what to to plant and watch your harvest grow until December. 3,000yen fee. First class 10:00~  Sep 11

Nightlife –Full Moon Pary Speak-Ez – Chillax at Speak-ez or howl at the moon up to you – Costume waitresses – entrance 1000yen – 20:00 ~ Sep 14

Dance – Salsa Night at Speak Ez – 1000 entrance free after 0:00hrs – 8:00pm start Sep 16

Live –Jam Session Speak Ez – Free – 20:00 Sep 17

Live – Jam Session Speak Ez – Free – 20:00 Sep 18

Activities – Rickshaw Rides by Pro Wrestlers – These guys from Numazu Pro-Wrestling know how to promote themselves. Jump on a rickshaw in Numazu and know you have a mountain of a pro wrestler effortlessly pulling you along. Hey you know you can get away with hurling abuse at pedestrians now. From 10:00 17-19 Sep, 23-25 Sep, 8-10 Oct

Courses – Pottery Classes – Open to all ages this Youth House In Nature Project teaches you how to make tea cups, vases and the like. Admission is 700yen including insurance. 9:00-12:00 Sep 18

Festival – Hie Shrine Festival – 14:00 – 18:00 Sep 23

Nightlife –DJ Event ‘Kanon’ – Mix music – Free – 21:00 Sep 23

Music – Gagaku (the oldest form of classical music) Music in Numazu Goyotei Park – Traditional music and dance at he Imperial Villa Park – 100yen – 18:00~ Sep 24 – 18:30~ Sep 25

Nightlfie – DJ even ‘Slow to speak’ – Speak-ez sweet mix of techo and rock – free – 21:00 Sep 24

Courses – Chinese Cooking Class – a NICE project for first 20 people 10:00~ Sep 25

Change is in the air

24 08 2011

Hi all,

I am pleased to let you know that I have just created a new website called Hungry Feet. It will feature all the video and writing that I have accumulated over the years, promote my books and update you all on my future projects outside of Numazu Traveler.  You can even see a mirror of the blog there.

I’m not leaving Numazu Traveler. I am just having such a good time writing it that I thought I would expand my horizons.

The site is still in development stage but check it out at


Scott Donald

Numazu – What’s On – August 2011

1 08 2011

Sorry gang the Numazu What’s On for August is going to be a little untidy. I’m currently in Vietnam researching (read drinking too much) for my next book. The best I can do for you at the moment is to send this out from my iPhone. sorry no links this month.

Beer – the Fishmarket Taproom has a new brute of a beer out the Stone Collaboration Green Tea Beer. This beer Packs a whopping 9.2% punch. There is also word that they might have a DJ there one night and some BBQ’s over the summer break.

Festival – Mishima Summer festival big festival in this city pretty unusual markets and check out the Nohei boshi parade with samurai-dressed horse riders making their way down the street. Aug 15-17

Festival – Toi Summer Festival is a fishing village style festival that runs during the evening. 7pm-9pm Aug 18-21

Festival – Kano river Canoe Festival in Izu No Kuni City. 8:00-16:00 Aug 28

Typhoon Ma-On – Tropical Cyclone.

19 07 2011

I looks like the typhoon season is starting early for us in Numazu. Our first cracker of a Typhoon for the year is Ma-On.

It is currently crawling its way over Shikuoku Island heading in a northerly direction but is set to make a dog-leg turn east to head along the Honshu coast. The Japanese Meteorological Agency has recorded the typhoon’s intensity as strong while AIR Worldwide has dubbed it as category 2 cyclone. Current maximum wind gusts have been recorded as 157 km/hr while NHK news has suggested that rainfall could be up to 200ml.


It looks like Numazu should expect the centre of the typhoon to pass closest to it some time late tomorrow July 19 to early July 20. According to a bulletin on NHK, Numazu is also expected to get a downpour of rain of around 200ml over the next few days. As the typhoon hits the land its strength should weaken but it is recommended that you keep up-to-date with JMA and local news.

Typhoons are common in Japan and with something of Ma-On’s size there is no current call for emergency measures. As usual, I would recommend that you check your emergency kit, have plenty of water and food ready, keep one eye on the news and the other on a good book.


Japan Meteorological Agency

AIR Worldwide

United States Air Force – Joint Typhoon Warning Centre

NHK Worldwide

Update July 20 9:00am 


According to the JMA weather map, the typhoon has changed directions a little and it’s epicenter is predicted to remain off the coast. This suggests that we may be in for a lighter thrashing than expected.

Tsunami Drill

2 07 2011

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that there is a tsunami drill on this morning.

WorldSkills – Numazu

8 11 2007

There it is just 6 more days until the start of the WorldSkills competition, held in Numazu. This event will pit country against country in test of Trade skills.

The four day event will commence on the 14th November with an opening ceromony. Competitions will follow from the 15th November, running over 4 days.

The competition starts at 9:00am and closes to the public at 4:00pm over the 4 days. All events run over the entire time of the competition. There is no chance you will miss out on seeing your favourite skill in action. Events are open to the public and are absolutely free.

A shuttle bus service will run from the station to the competition site by Kadoike Pond during the competition.

 For more information on the event check out the below links.

Press Release:


Scott Garbie.

November Events – Numazu

7 11 2007

There is a lot going on this month. Apart from the usual celebrations, this year Numazu is coming out in high form to show the WorldSkill Competitors and Visitors are good time. For the rest of us this makes for a prime time to visit Numazu.

From the 14th of November to the 21st you can visit the WorldSkills competitions around Kadoike pond. Competetors from all around the road pit their trade skills against each other in such things as computer skills, metal work, cooking and even hair dressing. This has been pitted as a big event for Numazu and certainly worth a visit.

Numazu’s famous street dancing, Yosakoi Tokaido 2007, will also be held this weekend in downtown Numazu (South side). This event was big last year, with many people coming down from all over Japan. I remember sipping a beer and enjoying the dancing and music from my window sill. Yep lording over the masses.

Winter Stage will also be held this month on the 17 November. From what I understand, this event will be held on the Kano River, south Numazu. This looks to be a great night of fireworks, music and fun.

There is a lot more going on this month, but I don’t want to steal too much of the glory from the Numazu Newsletter-English Edition. You will just have to click here and see for yourself.

Check out my map link for locations. MyMaps at

Wa No Shirabe – Imperial Villa Numazu

27 09 2007

The Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park will hold a number of activities this Saturday 29 September 2007.

Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial

There are just a few times each year that you can see the Imperial Villa at night and this is one of them. On Saturday evening the park with feature traditional music and dance from 6:30pm.

Numazu Imperial Villa gardens

Come along and enjoy the festivities and enjoy the villa’s earthy light at night.

Location: South east of Numazu Station accross the river and on the coast. For a map with the location click this:MyMaps at

Hours: 9:ooam to 8:30pm ( to 4:30pm every other day)

Cost: 400yen

Phone: 055-931-0005