Allegro again for my Birthday – Numazu

17 09 2011

Back in May I was at Allegro with my wife and friend for an exceptional meal. Last time I was here I told my wife that this was where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner and indeed I did.

Last night I returned to Allegro, formally Pizzaria Il Pallio (don’t panic same awesome chef), on Numazu Southside for a birthday treat.

Sometimes the second time around at a restaurant you feel that the meal does not stand up to the same high quality as your first visit. This was not so at Allegro.

For starters my wife and I shared a Panchetta salad that was so good my wife didn’t have time to take a photo.

Our shared main was a creamy tomato crab linguettine (yeah, didn’t know that either so I checked it out from this site.) Meaty legs of crab in the shell straddled the pasta.  The chef prepared this well and kept the sauce mild to allow the subtle flavour of the crab meat to shine through.

Crab pasta Allegro Numazu - photo Lauren Donald

Next was a Bismarck pizza. With dollops of mozzarella, ham and gooey egg in the middle. A Jalapeno oil was presented along side for us to add what we liked. What I like about the pizza here is the sauce. It’s a short-cooked tomato sauce with an almost blended salsa taste.

Pizza Bismark Allegro Numazu - Photo Lauren Donald

For dessert I tried Zuccotto, a classic Italian layered cake that can come in many flavours. Allegro’s version started with a vanilla sponge, then a creamy pistachio middle, before finishing with a chocolate mouse-like centre. I wasn’t over sweet but it was decidedly addictive.


Zucotto - Allegro Numazu - photo Lauren Donald

You can find out more about Allegro at my old post here or at their website below.