Numazu – What’s On – November 2011

1 11 2011

Numazu – What’s On – November 2011

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for November 2011. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – Country Girl Kabocha Ale – is at Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom and ready to blow your mind. This is one of my favourite seasonal beers.

Activity – Ganyudo Ferry Boad – Jump on a traditional ferry boat and discover what it used to be like when Numazu was a fishing village. On the Kano River. 100 yen one way. 0900-1525hrs Oct29-Nov 6

Exhibition – Traditional Fishing Historical Exhibit – National collection of fishing artifacts – Numazu Imperial Villa now-Nov 2

AttractionsChrysanthemum Flowering – The Numazu Imperial Villa comes to life with this attractive floral display. Fee 100yen Nov 3 – Nov 17

Party – Spazz if you want too – Live DJ with some groove at the SpeakEz Bar. Free – starts at 9pm – Nov 5

Festival – Kanaoka Festival – Up on the far north side of Numazu just accross the road from route 1 is an interesting festival in the back streets. Nov 6

Live – Full moon acoustic party – SpeakEz is at it again for this great event. Nov 11

Festival – 15th Yosakoi Tokaido – This massive two day event occupies the streets of downtown Numazu and the Kano River. This is like no other festival. The Yosakoi is a colourful traditional (an not so traditional) dance theater competition. Beautiful costumes, soaring giant flags, and amazing dancing. Don’t miss it. Don’t let the scary kid on the homepage fool you. Free on the south side of Numazu – from 11:00 12-13 Nov

Dance – Salsa Night – Wiggle your hips at Speak EZ for their salsa night. 1000 yen Starts at 8pm.

Performance – Rakugo (traditional Japanese humorous monologue) – Japanese highbrow comedy. Performances at 13:00 and 16:30 Feb 19

Live – Takehara Pistol – A SpeakEz concert – 21 Nov.

Events –  International Exchange Fare – Local expats sharing their countries dance, traditional clothing and food. A NICE production – San-Well Multi-purpose hall 4fl – 10:30-15:00 Nov 27


Numazu – What’s On – September 2011

2 09 2011

Numazu – What’s On – September 2011

Hey gang,

Sorry for the delay. I have been preoccupied trying to get my book, An Amorous Rout, out on Amazon. I’m nearly finished so we will be back to normal in the next few days.

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for September 2011. If you like something click on the link for more details.

Beer Baird Belgain Wit – A new white beer just out for this month and a “a wickedly strong Imperial Red Ale” (Cajun Chris). Try them at the Fishmarket Taproom

Nightlife – Spazz if you want to – Speakez’s AUN are at it again with some solid beats – No door charge – From 9pm Sep 3

Tour – Beer brewers Tour – Visit a brewers in Tade Hara. Limited to 10 people meeting at Machiaruki Station 15:30-17:00, Sep 3

Art – Famous Calligraphy and Paintings – Meiji Historical Museum. Shogun era art. Street Gallery at head office of Numazu Shinkin Bank, a side road of the Nakamise. Sep 6 – 30

Nightlife – Numazu Jiman Festa 2001When I looked up the meaning for Jiman I found pride, boast and vanity, so I will leave the meaning up to you. Basically is will be a beer garden featuring local food, beer (Baird Beer of course), and live entertainment. Yes I will be there but that is no reason not to go. At Numazu Chuo Koen (the north side of the walking bridge over Kanogawa) 17:00-21:00 Sep 7-9

Nightlife – Bluegrass –  kick back and fiddle… erh … with your self at Speak-ez. Free entry 21:00 9 Sep

Art – 7th Goze Arts Festival – Mihamasaki Park 18:00 – 21:30 Sep 10

Nightlife – DJ UK style – Speak-ez pumping drum and bass. Free entry – 21:00~ Sep 10

Entertainment – Numazu Pro Wrestling – Kiramesse – Sep 10

Courses – How to Grow Autumn Vegetables – follow learn what to to plant and watch your harvest grow until December. 3,000yen fee. First class 10:00~  Sep 11

Nightlife –Full Moon Pary Speak-Ez – Chillax at Speak-ez or howl at the moon up to you – Costume waitresses – entrance 1000yen – 20:00 ~ Sep 14

Dance – Salsa Night at Speak Ez – 1000 entrance free after 0:00hrs – 8:00pm start Sep 16

Live –Jam Session Speak Ez – Free – 20:00 Sep 17

Live – Jam Session Speak Ez – Free – 20:00 Sep 18

Activities – Rickshaw Rides by Pro Wrestlers – These guys from Numazu Pro-Wrestling know how to promote themselves. Jump on a rickshaw in Numazu and know you have a mountain of a pro wrestler effortlessly pulling you along. Hey you know you can get away with hurling abuse at pedestrians now. From 10:00 17-19 Sep, 23-25 Sep, 8-10 Oct

Courses – Pottery Classes – Open to all ages this Youth House In Nature Project teaches you how to make tea cups, vases and the like. Admission is 700yen including insurance. 9:00-12:00 Sep 18

Festival – Hie Shrine Festival – 14:00 – 18:00 Sep 23

Nightlife –DJ Event ‘Kanon’ – Mix music – Free – 21:00 Sep 23

Music – Gagaku (the oldest form of classical music) Music in Numazu Goyotei Park – Traditional music and dance at he Imperial Villa Park – 100yen – 18:00~ Sep 24 – 18:30~ Sep 25

Nightlfie – DJ even ‘Slow to speak’ – Speak-ez sweet mix of techo and rock – free – 21:00 Sep 24

Courses – Chinese Cooking Class – a NICE project for first 20 people 10:00~ Sep 25

Numazu – What’s On – May 2011

1 06 2011

Highlighting the best of what’s on for April 2011

BBQ and BeerBaird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom will be a having a daily BBQ in the afternoons over the Golden Week period starting on 29th April and finishing on the 8th May (May 2nd closed and Friday 6th open 5pm no BBQ). Go on in and enjoy their latest creation the Indian Pale Lager. Noon til Midnight for these days.

BBQSpeakez with be hosting a BBQ at Minatoguchi Park on Tuesday 3rd May.

Live DJ – Spazz If You Want To – will be performing at Speakez on the 7 May.

FestivalKoinobori (Carp Festival) – join the colourful carp flags at Senbon Minatoguchi Park (next to the View-O and near the Fishmarket Taproom. 4 May from 10:00-15:00hrs. Includes opening ceremony, craft workshops, stage shows etc.

ConcertFree concert at the Kano River near the Tokyu Hotel starts 10:00am on May 5.

Culture – 29th Numazu Tea Ceremony will be held at the Numazu Imperial Villa Park on Sunday May 8 from 10:00-15:00hrs.

FestivalSuisan Matsuri (Numazu Marine Festival) – Seafood is a huge part of Japanese life and if you want to understand the locals then this event it for you. Held in the Numazu port area on Satuday 21 May starts around 9am. I have a blog entry on it here.

If you have any more events for Numazu to add chuck em in the comments below.


The Numazu Midlands, the feet of Mt Ashitaka

18 09 2010

The Numazu Midlands, the feet of Mt Ashitaka

Approximately 4km due north of Numazu station you will find the land begin to rise into the Numazu Midlands. This area resides at the foot of Mt Ashitaka a 1505m and is an excellent location for a day hike and a look at Japanese rural life and nature.

Walking up beyond the Shinkansen tracks you emerge into an area with rolling fields of tea. If you are a curious explorer I recommend you find your way down into a valley, find a path and enjoy the vegetable small holdings thatare interspersed among the tea.
Making your way beyond the tea fields across the Tomei Expressway and try and find yourself an old dirt track that will take your through some small pockets of forest in the area. In Summer you will find a large variety of wild flower and signs of wildlife including wild boar.
Small holding
From almost any access point to the Numazu Midlands you will find something interesting to see for the hiker or mountain bike enthusiast. Check out my video to catch a glimpse of what you might find on your trip to the foot of Ashitaka Mountain.
Yellow Goya
Scott Donald

The Hara-Ashitaka circuit – Part 1

1 11 2007

Welcome to Part 1 of a two part series on sites in the greater Numazu area. Part 2 will be along soon. Enjoy.  

It seems that September is the time that I hear the call of the mountains and I clean my mountain bike and prepare for a big ride. Well it could be that or the fact that after returning from an expensive summer vacation the only thing I had left to spend was time.

After locating one of my many Numauz Tourist Guide Books: English (Engrish), I set to planning an expedition. However, after ten minutes I was yet again lost in the priceless text. For example “The left side of the river is provided with walking road for pedestrians…” or “The Kano River has stairs.” While not the most amusing text of Japanese English I have read, the Numazu Tourist Guide Book certainly lightens your mood. I really don’t understand why so many English speaking expats and tourists get so worked up over these grammar mistakes. Really little things like this are an essential part of enjoying another country. We also seem to forget that our attempts at Japanese may be equally amusing for our indigenous friends. When it comes to my attempts at Japanese I am almost certain of it. But I digress.

The guidebook suggested that there are a great many sights in the Hara and Mt Ashitaka areas to the west and north of Numazu city, respectively. It seemed like a good enough plan for me so I set off on my mountain bike and guide in my back pocket to find out.

I first set off for Hara loosely following the route Tokaido Road once took. In the Edo Period, the Tokaido Road was a famous road connecting the old capitals in the Nara, Osaka, Kyoto triangle and the newly formed capital Edo; modern day Tokyo. Later the route was travelled artist Utagawa Hiroshige who crafted the 53 stations of Tokaido (Wikipedia 2007)

The trip to Hara was somewhat uneventful. I chose to take the inland route following the railway line rather than the far more picturesque Senbon Beach path. Most of this area is a combination of low level industrial and housing. It is interesting to find see how the locals blend their hand toiled community and private vegetable gardens with their modern homes. The lack of land in the area means that everything is right on top of each other. Very different to the towns in Australia I have lived in.

Hara vegetable gardens

My first stop was a quick ride around Syoinji Temple before a even quicker look in. This temple has been tastefully modernized, though there is really not very much to see here. I managed to lose my way searching for the Tourist Guide’s recommendation and stumbled across some funky little hand powered water pumps in a small park near Syoinji Temple. These were very cool and I had to play with them. Well, until some old ladies started to stare at me like I was the town idiot (very intuitive old ladies).

pump it up Hara

After a few more minutes I found my Tourist Guide checkpoint, Hakuin Zenji. Apparently an anonymous poem, by a possible member of this particular temple, declaired this temple and Mt Fuji are the two most excellent points of this area. Well, Hakuin Zenji wasn’t too bad. That is of course, depending on whether or not I had found said grounds and not some anonymous temple. The picture in the guide made it look a lot bigger than what it was so I am not too certain. Anyway, this proud little grounds featured below had some excellent example of stone work dragons and the gardens tall trees created a cool and mysterous mood to this place.

Possibly Hakuin Zenji

Stay tuned for part two of “The Hara-Ashitaka circuit.” Meanwhile check out my maps for some directions from my journey.  


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