Allegro again for my Birthday – Numazu

17 09 2011

Back in May I was at Allegro with my wife and friend for an exceptional meal. Last time I was here I told my wife that this was where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner and indeed I did.

Last night I returned to Allegro, formally Pizzaria Il Pallio (don’t panic same awesome chef), on Numazu Southside for a birthday treat.

Sometimes the second time around at a restaurant you feel that the meal does not stand up to the same high quality as your first visit. This was not so at Allegro.

For starters my wife and I shared a Panchetta salad that was so good my wife didn’t have time to take a photo.

Our shared main was a creamy tomato crab linguettine (yeah, didn’t know that either so I checked it out from this site.) Meaty legs of crab in the shell straddled the pasta.  The chef prepared this well and kept the sauce mild to allow the subtle flavour of the crab meat to shine through.

Crab pasta Allegro Numazu - photo Lauren Donald

Next was a Bismarck pizza. With dollops of mozzarella, ham and gooey egg in the middle. A Jalapeno oil was presented along side for us to add what we liked. What I like about the pizza here is the sauce. It’s a short-cooked tomato sauce with an almost blended salsa taste.

Pizza Bismark Allegro Numazu - Photo Lauren Donald

For dessert I tried Zuccotto, a classic Italian layered cake that can come in many flavours. Allegro’s version started with a vanilla sponge, then a creamy pistachio middle, before finishing with a chocolate mouse-like centre. I wasn’t over sweet but it was decidedly addictive.


Zucotto - Allegro Numazu - photo Lauren Donald

You can find out more about Allegro at my old post here or at their website below.



A spot of Calm – Numazu

6 11 2007

Nobody knows what’s going on. One minute I’m riding and the next I’m being picked up. Timings from two different sources are conflicting. And I’m hungry. But somehow everything always works out perfectly. There is a lot to be said of the ways seemingly chaotic fractals form complex well maintained structures. Perhaps our little groups organizational skills have adapted in the same fashion. In any result, the stresses of the preparation were immediately soothed by Calm (pats himself on the back for excellent corny segue).

Situated about 15 minutes drive south east from the heart of Numazu city, Calm proved to be a side of Numazu’s dining experience I hadn’t seen before. Calm rests right by the waters of Enoura Bay, a child of the greater Suruga Bay. While Calm’s frontage features little more than a car park and a modest sign, the interior of the restaurant and the open air seating by the rocky shore depicted a sleek combination of Japanese and Mediterranean seaside style.

My friends and I move around the back to the out door dining area to enjoy the fresh sea air and, it seems, to allow the ladies of our little group a good view of the diving class next door as their healthy members peeled their wet suits on and off.

Calm from the back -Numazu

Tearing my gaze away from the postcard bay, I perused the menu. Although in Japanese, the majority of the Menu was is Katakana and Hiragana making it easy enough to read and the little extra help from my Japanese friend who introduced us to this place, took the dreariness out of the translating.

Calm on the water - Numazu Calm again - Numazu

The wine menu featured a reasonable array of whites and reds with a standard of beers and spirits. The food menu began with a range of Italian style starters followed by a choice of cream, tomato or cream tomato pastas with various choices of meats. Next were the mouth watering gratin’s and finally the curries with rice. While the menu didn’t feature anything that seemed cutting edge, it seemed the smell coming from the kitchen and our neighboring diners plates were a testament of simple food done well. Something I later found to be true in the taste.

Calm deck - Numazu Shizuoka

Drifting off into conversation with my friends and gazing at the sea I was surprised to find the hull of a pearly white ocean liner approaching me from the hands of a struggling waiter. The ships hull was filled with steaming rice and chocolate brown curry. If this was an indication of what was to come, I was in for a very filling treat.

Curry and Rice, Numazu

Although I didn’t get to have a taste of the curry, even after claiming it was my job as an amateur food and leisure blogger, the groans of delight coming from the two who ordered it were enough to give it a thumbs up. My wife would not get away so easily. Quickly calling “halvesies” I dug into my plate of baby clams in tomato and cream sauce with spaghetti.

One of the problems I have found in my own cooking is getting just the right amount of flavor from the sauce without hiding the taste of the meat. This is particularly important with most seafood. In the case of my meal this was done perfectly. Though, I would have like the sauce to be a little thicker.

creamy tomato pasta Calm Numazu

After finishing my half of the clam pasta, I waited impatiently for my wife’s creamy salmon pasta with parmesan. It is no wonder I was getting some reluctant glances from my wife as she was handing this one over. The salmons flaky rich saltiness melted into the delicate cream sauce with each bite. The added texture of the pasta and richness of the parmesan was the final cap to an excellent dish. When I think of Calm, the memories of the taste of this meal are the first thing that comes to mind. Simple, delicious pasta, done well.

Creamy Pasta Calm - Numazu

The combination of the beautiful bay, tasty meals and wonderful company made the day well worth the disorganization.

Location: Follow the south eastern coastal road towards Heda. Its about a 15 minute drive from Numazu Station and 25 minutes easy riding. Check out the map for further details.MyMaps at

Style: Pasta, Gratin and Curry in big portion by the bay. Perfect for a weekend lunch.

English menu: No, but if most of it is in Katakana and some Hiragana.

Picture menu: No sorry.

Gaijin Friendly: Sure is.

Phone:055 933 4481

Hours: Weekdays; 11:30 am-3:00pm and 5:30pm – 10:00pm. Weekends 11:30am-4:00pm and 5:00pm-10:00pm

Cost: From about 800yen to 1000yen for mains.