Numazu – What’s On – May 2012

1 07 2012

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for Mayl 2012. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – Shizuoka Summer Mikan Ale is back in Baird Brewing’s Taproom again. This refreshing beer is an annual favourite. At 5.5% is is a Goldilocks beer for summer.

Outdoors – The Citizens Forest campsite will be ready at the start or July and will say open until August 30th

Concert – Chiiki FU-RE-A-I Concert – A concert will be held in Heda. Quartet – from 14:00 – July 7

Party – Baird Brewing’s Taproom will have its 12th Anniversary this month.  Everything is Y500 — beers (plastic cups) and food. Sat & Sun they will also have  a BBQ in the brewery parking lot, 1:00-5:00 or 6:00. The taproom anniversaries are huge fun for Numazu and not one to miss. Here is a quote from the Cajun himself Chris “Friday from 5pm begins the weekend specials with our 5000yen Drink/Food card.  We call it a Nonbe/Tabe-ken.  All Beer and Food will be 500yen for the weekend but the card will get you 12 items for the price of 10 and a free BB glass when you finish the card and present it to one of the staff.  Cards are valid only for the 12 Year Anniversary weekend.  Use them this weekend or lose them.” Sounds good to me.   July 20-22

DJ – Spazz if You Want Too will be back again at Speak Ez – July 6

Festival – Tanabata  Star Festival will coming up soon. In the Nakamise the whole mall will be decorated until July 7. Special performance of Yosakoi dancing on July 7

Activities – Yosakoi – one of the biggest events in Numazu teams of traditional dancers from around the country country compete. You can be one of the dancers. Information session from 19:30 July 13

Activities – Want to get involved in the Numazu Summer Festival this year. Become one of the Mikoshi (mobile shrine) carriers. You can make a booking by phone 055-931-1111 or 055-934-4716 by July 13

Festival – Heda port festival will be on this month. Shrines, fireworks and weird cardboard box races on the sea. Well worth a visit. From 13:00 – July 21

Festival – Numazu Summer Festival – The biggest even in Numazu all year. Stall, beer, drunken Mikoshi carriers, beer, fireworks, beer, yukatas, beer, dancers, beer – July 28 and 29

If you know of any other event going on this month in the Numazu area feel free to post them in the comments below.

Numazu- What’s On – June 2012

1 06 2012

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for June 2012. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – Baird Brewing’s Fishmarket Taproom has two beers that came out at the end of this month as part of the May Hop Madness campaign – Triple-Dry Bohemian Pils (5.7%) and 4-S Belgian Blonde Ale (5.5%). I think I will check them out this Saturday night.

DJ – get down to the Spazz if You Want Too party at SpeakEZ. June 2

Event – Want to meet the glorious curves that is Miss Ose? Then Fresh OSE Diver’s Day is your day. She will be there, bikini clad, with her friends waiting for you… to help pick up rubbish along the shores of Ose. There is nothing hotter than picking up trash – especially coming into summer. Besides you will be helping to preserve the environment for future generations and … blah blah blah insert enviro-social conscience message here. There will be a Miss Ose contest and bingo. I hear that first prize is a night with Miss Ose herself – Thought I can’t verify this fact. Okay I made it up. 9:00-16:00 June 3

Concert – Summer Jazz Concert at San-Well Numazu – Free – 14:00-15:30 June 8

Exhibition – A exhibition of the movie “Otoko ha Tsuraiyo” and will be on display at the Senbon Mini Gallery this month. June 10

Exhibition – Pressed flower art work at the Senbon Mini gallery – June 12-14

Nature – The firefly’s will be out this month and they are not to miss. Join the group up in Ashitaka Park at the Youth House in Nature – 18:00-21:00 – June 16, 17

Culture – Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony will be held an the Numazu Imperial Villa again this month. 10:00-15:00, June 17

Show – Numazu Comedy Theatre will be hosting the 25th Vaudville in Town. admission 1600yen – starts at 14:00. June 17

If you know of any other event going on this month in the Numazu area feel free to post them in the comments below.

Numazu – What’s On – May 2012

26 04 2012

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for May 2012. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom will be having May Hop Madness Month. They will be offering 15 amazing hop beers. If you want to take up the challenge then you can ask for a special May Hop Madness Month card (not the prepaid one) and take up the 15 beer challenge. If you can drink all 15 throughout the month and get a stamp for each then you will be rewarded with a  Baird Beer logo glass. Promotion last all through May and until the supply lasts so get in early. May.

Golden Week Beer – Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom will be running longer times for your drinking convenience this Golden Week. Check out their details on their homepage. 12pm- 12am April 28,29, 30 : 5pm-12pm Wed May 2 : 12pm-12am May 3-6.

Concert – Senbon Plaza will be host to a koinobori concert – first in first served, capacity 230 – 13:30-15:30 May 3

Festival – Koinobori Festival -Yes the beautiful carp streamers will be flying again this year and the Minatoguchi Park (the one next to the View-O). There will be stalls, craft activities and stage shows. Check it out and round it off with a pint at the Fishmarket Taproom. 10:00-15:00 May 4 and 5.

Party – Open party in the park come along and make some friends, eat, drink and play frisbee. Free BYO everything. Senbon park 1pm-5pm May 5

Dance party – Spazz If You Want To live DJ night at SpeakEz. May 5.

Exhibit – The Numazu Imperial Villa will be celebrating Boy’s day with a Koinobori exhibit and traditional costume display. – Adults 100yen Children 50 yen. 9:00-16:30 until May 7

Exhibit – The Numazu Fine Art Association will be holding an exhibit this month on the 1st floor of the City Cultural Centre – 10:00-18:00(17:00 last day) May 7-13

Culture – Tea Party or perhaps a tea ceremony will be held at the Numazu Imperial Villa May 13

Sport – NICE will be hosting Tai Chi Classes at the city gym – 1,500yen fee – 19:15-20:45 – May 14, 21, 28 June 4

Dance – Salsa Night at SpeakEz. Get your Salsa on at this fun dance night with a lesson at the start and then open dance after. Entry fee appies. May 18

Festival Suisanmatsuri ( Fishery Products Festival)  celebrate the produce of the sea at this unusual festival at the Numazu Port. Don’t forget to see the seafood auction and unusual display of marine life. Great event. May 19

Live – Acousitc Night at SpeakEz – May 25.

Music – J-Pop night at SpeakEz – May 26

If you know of any other event going on this month in the Numazu area or you need me to make any corrections feel free to post them in the comments below.


Numazu – What’s On – April 2012

31 03 2012

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for April 2012. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – Stout. No not the short rotund little man kind. I’m talking dark sexy beer you can chew on. Baird Beer have come up with two amazing stouts this month, Mama’s Milk Stout and Chocolate Wheat Stout. Both coming in at5% alcohol check out their details on their homepage.

Cherry Blossoms (hannabi) – The Numazu Council Newsletter has some great suggestions for Cherry Blossom viewing in the area for this month. Check out the link for tips.

Party – Baird Beer’s annual Cherry Blossom (Hannami) party will be held again this year. Now don’t panic. The crazy ass storm we are experiencing today the 31st of March should lift by nightfall offering clear skies for a great day tomorrow. The even will be on Minato Guchi Park near the View-O (about 100m from the Taproom). There is a 3,000yen all-you-can-drink and a plate of food and, beers will be 500yen (Or you can just go the food plate for 1,000yen and buy beers as you go). I will see you there. 1:00pm-4:00pm April 1

Festival – Ose Festival and Uchiura Fishing Port Festival. These two events run hand-in-hand. They celebrate the Fisherman and bestow good luck and protection on the fishing fleet. The event is a colourful display of fishing vessels and performances. You can get a boat from Numazu port or take a ride down there by bike (approx 1hr). Plenty of great fresh seafood. 7:30-14:30 at Ose Shrine and Uchiura Port. April 4

Cherry Blossom – Along route 1 the cheery blossoms come alive in Hara as they parallel the Numa River. Come along and enjoy the flowers and festivities. April 7

Party – SpeakEz’s Full Moon party will be howling on April 7.

Live – Takahara Pistol will be playing live at SpeakEz on April 13.

DJ – Spazz If You Want is back to pump the night away at Speak EZ on April 14.

Dance – Salsa Night as SpeakEz is always bliss on April 20.

Event – Amakusa Presents at SpeakEz on April 21.

Festival – Spring Festival at the Numazu Imperial Villa – includes market gardens, local produce, bonsai exhibit and more. 9:30 – 16:00 April 21-22

Dance – This just shows that I will put just any old shit in this guide. Square Dancing classes will be held in Numazu this month at the Daigo Chiku center. 19:00-20:00 April 21 and 28

DJ live – ‘Slow to speak’ Eclectic mix of house, techno, new wave and rock at Speak EZ. Free. 21:00-03:00, April 28

Bar – The Numazu Fishmarket Taproom will be extending it’s operating hours for Golden Week from 12:00-12:00 – 29-30 April

If you know of any other event going on this month in the Numazu area feel free to post them in the comments below.

Numazu – What’s On – March 2012

28 02 2012

February? What February?

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for February 2012. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – Those loving romantic buggers over at Baird Beer created a sensual Belgian Chocolate Stout to ditch your partner for because she didn’t give you any damn chocolate for Valentines Day!

Culture –  Ganyudo fisherman’s ferry will be hitting the Kano River a 9:00am Free (36 seats) Mar 3

Live – Acoustic performance at the Baird Beer Fish Market Taproom 500yen cover starts at 8pm – Mar3

DJ – Speakez with be back with our favourite AUN for “Spazz if you Want To” Spring Festival Special Super Dooper Bigger than a Big Fat Big thing Bonanza – 9pm Start – No cover charge – Mar 3

Dance – Full moon festival at SpeakEZ – Mar 8

Live – Speakez’s chilling acoustic night -Mar 9

Dance – Bring some heat to a chilly Spring with Salsa Night as SpeakEZ 8pm-9pm free (includes dance lesson) 9pm 1000 til midnight.

Live – Thrash it out with SpeakEZ’s very own Shady Glimpse – Mar 17

Party – Celebrate Yuichi’s 3rd year owning SpeakEZ and putting up with you mongrels – buy him something pretty – Mar 31

If you know of any other event going on this month in the Numazu area feel free to post them in the comments below.

Numazu – What’s On – January 2012

10 01 2012

Happy New Year.

I have only just recovered so here goes for the remainder of the month.

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for January 2011. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – Baird Beer will have their new Brewmaster’s Nightmare Rye IPA

Live – Speak Ez’s acoustic night featuring Toshio Souno, Yuka Aoshima, Norito Makino among others. Entry 1000yen 8pm-11pm 13 Jan

DJ –  Speak Ez – DJ Koji, Toru and Maiko will be mixing it up here for you for free from 9pm Jan 14

Culture – Lecture in Japanese Culture – International communication and exchange meeting. 13:30-15-30 at Palette

Dance – Speak Ez – the very seductive salsa will be hitting the floor from 8pm. 1000yen for vertical porn is cheap! Jan 20

Live – Numazu National College of Technology Brass Band Concert Doors open 1:30pm – Jan 21

Live – Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom will be host a live performance of world renown Irish Fiddler, Dale Russ. This is an event not to miss. Entry is only 500yen. 7pm start. Jan 21

Live – Speak Ez – Jam session. If your a muso then this is your chance to show off your talents. Free. 8pm-1am – Jan 21

Sports – 58th Numazu Relay Road race applications at 7:30 for 9am start – In Ashitaka Athletic Park. Jan 22

Singles mixer – Speak Ez – Lonely and single? This is the place for you. Entry is 2500yen for Boys and 2000yen for girls (includes a drink and a snack) Good  luck. Jan 24

DJ – Speak Ez – Open DJ event bring your Mamma Mia Sound Track and make em suffer!!! Free. Jan 28.


If you know of any other event going on this month in the Numazu area feel free to post them in the comments below.

Numazu – What’s On – December 2011

6 12 2011

Numazu – What’s On – December 2011

Yeah, I know, I know I am totally late for this one and deserve a good beating but Osaka and Kyoto were totally worth it. I’ll go fetch the studded paddle and warm up the dungeon while you check out What’s On in the Zu this month.

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for December 2011. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – The Baird Beer team are at it again with a warming winter special, the West Coast Wheat Wine 2011. According to the brew master Bryan’s blog this beauty is derived from the British barley wine style but refined in Sacramento U.S.A. using West Coast hops. Check it out at the Fishmarket Taproom.

Exhibition – Mon Myuze Numazu Art Museum – View the art of Noboru Iwaki – 10:00-17:00, Dec 3-25

Exhibition – Senbon Plaza Gallery – The art of paper cutting by Takenokono – Kai Dec 6-12

Live – Speak EZ acoustic night from 8pm to 11pm, 1000yen entrance, Dec 9

Opening – The Opening of the Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium is an exciting step for tourism in Numazu. This place will feature deep sea marine animals in Suruga Bay. Entry 1600yen for adults. Opens Dec 10

DJ – Speak EZ’s Kousankai will chill you out this Saturday. Entry 1000yen + 1 drink, 8pm start, Dec 10

Exhibition – Senbon Plaza Gallery – An exhibition of flower pictures by – Dec 13-19

DJ live – Speak EZ is gonna get you thrashing to some intense hardcore at “Ogre”. Dec 23

Christmas Dinner –Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom will be having another Christmas Dinner extravaganza with a turkey dinner this year. Only 1500 yen for this great feed. Last years was delicious. Book in advance or risk missing out. 24-25 Dec.
New Years – Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom will be offering a Mexican Buffect from 5 til 10. There will also be some countdown karaoke. A great way to bring in the new year. 31 Dec
New Years – Speak Ez Countdown Party. These new year parties are epic! Free Entry. 31 Dec

Numazu – What’s On – November 2011

1 11 2011

Numazu – What’s On – November 2011

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for November 2011. If you like something click on the link for more details. If you have an event you want to add put it in the comments below.

Beer – Country Girl Kabocha Ale – is at Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom and ready to blow your mind. This is one of my favourite seasonal beers.

Activity – Ganyudo Ferry Boad – Jump on a traditional ferry boat and discover what it used to be like when Numazu was a fishing village. On the Kano River. 100 yen one way. 0900-1525hrs Oct29-Nov 6

Exhibition – Traditional Fishing Historical Exhibit – National collection of fishing artifacts – Numazu Imperial Villa now-Nov 2

AttractionsChrysanthemum Flowering – The Numazu Imperial Villa comes to life with this attractive floral display. Fee 100yen Nov 3 – Nov 17

Party – Spazz if you want too – Live DJ with some groove at the SpeakEz Bar. Free – starts at 9pm – Nov 5

Festival – Kanaoka Festival – Up on the far north side of Numazu just accross the road from route 1 is an interesting festival in the back streets. Nov 6

Live – Full moon acoustic party – SpeakEz is at it again for this great event. Nov 11

Festival – 15th Yosakoi Tokaido – This massive two day event occupies the streets of downtown Numazu and the Kano River. This is like no other festival. The Yosakoi is a colourful traditional (an not so traditional) dance theater competition. Beautiful costumes, soaring giant flags, and amazing dancing. Don’t miss it. Don’t let the scary kid on the homepage fool you. Free on the south side of Numazu – from 11:00 12-13 Nov

Dance – Salsa Night – Wiggle your hips at Speak EZ for their salsa night. 1000 yen Starts at 8pm.

Performance – Rakugo (traditional Japanese humorous monologue) – Japanese highbrow comedy. Performances at 13:00 and 16:30 Feb 19

Live – Takehara Pistol – A SpeakEz concert – 21 Nov.

Events –  International Exchange Fare – Local expats sharing their countries dance, traditional clothing and food. A NICE production – San-Well Multi-purpose hall 4fl – 10:30-15:00 Nov 27


Numazu – What’s On – October 2011

3 10 2011

Numazu – What’s On – October 2011

Highlighting the best of what’s on in Numazu for October 2011. If you like something click on the link for more details.

Beer – Baird Belgian Pale Ale – This new one tastes great. Have a pint at the Taproom

Exhibit – Autumn Flower Exhibit – Numazu Imperial Villa. 09:00-16:30 – Oct 6-26

Art – Stages Art Festival – part of the Imperial Villa Japan Art Festival. From 18:30 Oct 8

Sports/Beer – Rugby World Cup in Numazu – Baird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom will be playing the world cup. If its not on when you are there ask for it and I am sure they will oblige.  Next Saturday is the first and second qualifier and it should be on around mid afternoon. Oct 8,9,15,16,21,22

Concert – Yomei-ji Music Festival – four local music groups playing – From 17:00 Oct 9

Concert – Shiorai no Utage (Concert among the pine trees) – part of the Imperial Villa Japan Art Festival. 100yen. 13:00-14:30 Oct 10

Beer – Yamamomo Mountain Peach Ale – Baird Beer will be releasing this exciting new ale. Taproom Released around Oct 10-15

Festival –Uchiura Aji Festival (horse mackeral fest) – Learning about a major part of the fish industry – 9:00 – 14:00 Oct 10

Concert – Yugen no Sekai (Jazz concert) – part of the Imperial Villa Japan Art Festival. Free. From 18:30 Oct 11

Contest – Numazu 2nd language speech contest – Japanese with say a 5 min speech in English and vice-versa. City Library 4th floor – 13:00-16:00 – Oct 16

Dance –Salsa Night – Speakez are at is again with their monthly salsa night. Have a ball. – 8pm – 9pm – 1000yen entry fee includes dance lesson with a cute girl or guy. Free after 12 (not the guy or girl). -21 Oct

Festival –Autumn Green Festival – Gardening displays, classes and auctions- Numazu Imperial Villa – 9:30-16:30 – Oct 22-23

Craft – Pottery Class – Senbon Plaza – 500yen 11:00-12:00 – Oct23

Party – Yuichi and Kyoko Birthday Bash – Speak EZ is celebrating the owner, Yuichi and his bar babe Kyoko’s birthday. Come along and enjoy. Oct 26

Party – Halloween – SpeakEZ with be hosting its annual Halloween Party. Get your fancy dress on and impress. 29 Oct

Party – Halloween – Taproom will be hosting a Halloween Party come along and check out their Autumn beer. 30Oct

Numazu – What’s On – July 2011

1 07 2011

Numazu- What’s On – July 2011

Highlighting the best of what’s on inNumazufor July 2011

Live – Spazz If You Want To – Exceptional Local DJ’s no door charge – July 2

Festival – Tanabata ( Star Festival) –  The Numazu Nakamise is lined with storks of bamboo with paper wishers attached andlots of decorations that my 192cm height head butts. More here. ~ July  10

BBQ – Speak EZ hosts a BBQ atMinatoguchiPark  – BYO booze and food. 12:00 – July 3

Live –Fureai Square Performance -Bands, Street Performance, Taiko Drums, Mini Train etc. Numauz North Exit right in front of Bivi. 11:00-16:00. July 3

Market –Ricodori (Rico Shopping Street). Local vegetable market, demonstrations in making puffed cereal, cereal give aways. 11:00-15:00. July 3

Live – Regional Friendship Concert. Limited seats East Annex of Imperial Villa. 14:00-15:30. July 3

Festival – Kamihon Wid-Chime Festival. Free Wind-chimes and fans for the first 100. 13:00 ~ . July 7

Live – Speak EZ Acoustic Night – 20:00~23:00 after live DJ. Entrance 1000 Yen. July 8

Live – Acoustic Live with Jordan Patrick and Friends – Folk Rock With Some Covers at Baird Beer’s Taproom. Any live performance at the Taproom is awesome. From 20:00. July 9th

Live –Speak EZ DJ Choinori – R&B, Hiphop and House – Free entry from 10:00pm. July 9


Sports – Kano River Walk and Run – I know that there is a couple of you who are into some long distance running so if you are interested check this one out. Run categories are in 3,5, 10 and 20km distances July 10

Beer – Baird Beer 11 anniversary celebrations – This year they will be celebrating again with a BBQ this time with a Tex/Mex theme down stairs. Upstairs there will be a 1500 yen Buffet each day from noon til 8pm (BBQ items included in this price). 500yen beer in a plactic cup and the usual pint for 700yen. There will also be scheduled tours each day. July 16, 17, 18

Dance – Speak EZ Salsa Night – Jump in on this regular for a sexy good time. 8pm Start. Entrance 1000yen. 15 July

Live – Speak EZ Live Jam – Bring your axe and play. from 20:00. Free. 16 July

Dance – Speak EZ Anime Dance Party – A little bit of cosplay and little bit of fun. Just check out the link, hilarious. early start 2pm-10pm. Free. July 17

Live – Speak EZ Shady Glimpse – Thrash it out with this new school hardcore group. Opens at 20:30 starts at 21:00. Cover 1000yen (including drink)

Exhibition  –  Sailboat Models display – Excptional display of model sailboats. Don’t know how they got this past the ninja committee but this is definitely a pirates dream.Numazu ImperialVilla Park from 12:00 July 16-24

Festival – 32 Heda Port Festival – Fire works, drums, yosakoi dancers. At theHedaPortCentral Peir. 13:00 start . July 23

Live –Speak EZ DJ Wakana – This cuties will be spinning some hot tunes. 9pm-11pm July 29

Drink – Speak EZ Summer Festival Special – After a thorough steaming at the Summer Festival Chill out with the cool vibes from the DJ’st at Speak EZ. From 20:00. Free.  July 30.

Festival – Numazu Summer Festival and Fireworks Show. This is the main event forNumazu. The entire south side is covered in endless stalls. There will be taiko drums, dancers, endless lines of street food, riverside performances and a massive fireworks display each night. This titan of a festival has been running since 1948. More info here. July 30 and 31


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