Numazu to Shimizu by bike

13 06 2010

Up for a 50km cycling adventure to Shimizu from Numazu following Suruga Bay? Well this little video will give you an idea of what treats you will be in for in the beautiful Shizuoka Prefecture.

I started the ride from Numazu Station and made my way south to the Numazu Fish Markets. From there I headed west along the coast following a path in a park called Senbonhama. This dirt track meandered through a strip of beautiful coastal forest that stretches from Numazu to Fuji City.

You will know you are close to Fuji City when you start smelling your grandfathers slippers. This is the smell of the paper mills. Heading from Fuji City you can travel along the tsunami wall for a few kilometers before you have to head back onto the road. But never fear there are some great little seaside towns along the way to enjoy until you reach Shimizu.

The trip is flat and easy riding and, if you wish, you can bypass the dirt track and stick to the tsunami walls from Numazu to Fuji City. There are only one or two occasions here where you will have to detour back onto the road before you get back up on the wall and continue enjoying the scenery of Suruga Bay.

Happy riding.