Numazu – What’s On – May 2011

1 06 2011

Highlighting the best of what’s on for April 2011

BBQ and BeerBaird Beer’s Fishmarket Taproom will be a having a daily BBQ in the afternoons over the Golden Week period starting on 29th April and finishing on the 8th May (May 2nd closed and Friday 6th open 5pm no BBQ). Go on in and enjoy their latest creation the Indian Pale Lager. Noon til Midnight for these days.

BBQSpeakez with be hosting a BBQ at Minatoguchi Park on Tuesday 3rd May.

Live DJ – Spazz If You Want To – will be performing at Speakez on the 7 May.

FestivalKoinobori (Carp Festival) – join the colourful carp flags at Senbon Minatoguchi Park (next to the View-O and near the Fishmarket Taproom. 4 May from 10:00-15:00hrs. Includes opening ceremony, craft workshops, stage shows etc.

ConcertFree concert at the Kano River near the Tokyu Hotel starts 10:00am on May 5.

Culture – 29th Numazu Tea Ceremony will be held at the Numazu Imperial Villa Park on Sunday May 8 from 10:00-15:00hrs.

FestivalSuisan Matsuri (Numazu Marine Festival) – Seafood is a huge part of Japanese life and if you want to understand the locals then this event it for you. Held in the Numazu port area on Satuday 21 May starts around 9am. I have a blog entry on it here.

If you have any more events for Numazu to add chuck em in the comments below.


Numazu Summer Festival – Numazu Natsu Matsuri

12 07 2009

Summer festival movie (30)
It’s festival season time again and the big event in July for Numazu is the Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri). This massive event runs on the 25th and  26th of July. Festivals are generally seen as a socially accepted time for Japanese to let their hair down and cast their conservatism to the wind. The Numazu Summer Festival is no different in this regard.
Summer festival movie (32)
Numazu’s south side comes alive with row after row and street after street of food and other festival stalls. Elaborate shrines shouldered by chanting locals wearing traditional garb and broad smiles. Just be careful not to look too enthusiastic or you might find yourself being drawn into help shoulder one of the shrines. Drums beat their tattoo up and down the street competing with dancing groups belting out songs and vendors selling their wares.
Summer festival movie (41)
I also hear on good authority that many of our younger male foreigners like nothing more than to enjoy the sights of pretty women dressed in noble summer kimono’s (known as Yukatas), as they sip cool drinks from the comfort of a café.
Summer festival movie (47)
Each night ends with a fireworks extravaganza along the crowded Kano River, where your free to walk under and around them to get the best view.
Summer festival movie (7)
Check it out and catch a glimpse of the inner party animal inside every Japanese person and one of the biggest festivals in Numazu.
Summer festival movie (48)
Directions: from the south side of the station wander aimlessly through the shoulder to should streets of stalls. If the stalls start to thin out turn around and head towards the music.