Yosakoi 2009 – Numazu, Shizuoka

7 11 2009

Hey gang sorry for the late post but I had a little trouble with Youtube and Mpeg2. Here is a little taster for tomorrow. Please enjoy and sorry for the sung intro in advance. Sorry I can’t quite work out how to run YouTube as a consecutive playlist on WordPress so please watch these in order until I do.

Yosakoi 2009- Numazu Shizuoka

6 11 2009

Well, it is that time again for dancers from far and wide to travel to Numazu for the traditional Yosakoi dance competition. The streets of Numazu, Shizuoka will be filled with dancers competing for the title of best Yosakoi performance.

Yosakoi is a traditional set of dance steps generally carried out in unison by a large group. However, these dances sequences are only a starting point for each dancing teams chorography and ultimately performances can vary greatly. Be sure to check out the college and highschool performances because their divergences are often the most creative.

The dancers’ costume grounds itself in various traditional festival garb of Japan and then deviates to many modern colourful extremes.

This festival is not one to miss.

Yosakoi! Yosakoi! Sore sore sore sore!