Welcome to Numazu Traveler.

Numazu City, rests at the southern base of Mt Fuji and Mt Ashtaka in the Shizuoka prefecture of Honshu Island. Numazu is an amazing hub for the area. For many, Numazu City is a starting place for travel south down through the breath taking and onsen rich west coast of the Izu Hanto peninsular. From the towns east stretches the longest beach in the Shizuoka area. A beach that drops down into Fuji Mountain’s antithesis, Suruga Bay, a 2500 meter deep inny belly button to Fuji’s outy.
Numazu really comes alive in Summer with their Summer Festival. Three great days of fireworks, stalls, crazy floats, entertainment and fun.

Numazu features some good shopping for its size and its inner city long term redevelopment project is set to bring new life into an already vibrant town.

For the English speaking foreigner, Numazu has a small but growing range of facilities for you. From a the local bookshop with a range of English books in their basement floor, two cinemas (Joyland and Bivi Sunshine Cinema’s) frequently featuring English speaking movies, to some gaijin meeting places such as the Speak EZ and the Fishmarket Taproom.

Numazu from Mt Kanuki

The goal of this blog is to introduce travelers and new residents to what can be found in Numazu and its surrounds. I will introduce you to Numazu’s attractions, entertainment and facilities and review what food, drink and shopping that the town has to offer.

Most of the information on Numazu can be accessed through the blog page with categorical listings on the right hand side for you to quickly find what you need to know on Numaz.

If you have any suggestion for Numazu Traveller or would like to contribute to this non-profit activity feel free to contact me on numazutravelerSPLATyahoo.com.au the ‘SPLAT’ is of course ‘@’ this is done to protect from spamming.

For a more up-to-date guide of events in Numazu I recommending you check out the bi-monthly publication of City Hall’s Newsletter. Its in English here.


Scott Donald

Numazu, Shizuoka

To check out my blog all you have to do is click the “blog” tab at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can click on the dates  or the categories on the right hand side of this page. Happy reading.

About the Author

Scott Donald, spends his free time attempting to write this travel blog about his favourite town in Japan, Numazu, Shizuoka. He claims that this is because he is trying to help foreigners discover more about Numazu, but it might also be an excuse to go to a good restaurant. He also makes very wobbly travel videos.

If you have enjoyed Scott’s blog then maybe you will like his travel book ‘An Amorous Route: Love and Laughter Along Germany’s Romantic Road’. You can check out his book at Smashwords here . He is also currently working on his next travel book based on his up and coming adventure to Egypt.

Romantic Road

My book: An Amorous Route

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71 responses

26 10 2012

Hey, I’m wife is from Numazu and I go there for 4 weeks every year to see the in-laws. God Damn it, i can’t find a gym anywere that will allow me to do a normal work out whilst i’m there. I always find that they need to sign me up or membership or i have to be a resident.

Is there a gym that will allow holiday makers such as myself to go in on a casual visit pay my 100 yen or whatever it is and just let me do my thing?

Please let me know and point me in the right direction.

thank you


26 10 2012

Hi Peter. I don’t know of any of the gyms that will let a casual visitor in. I have the same problem when I travel. I usually end up abusing the furniture in my hotel or invade the local park for some bar work. The schools usually have heave bars and concrete steps lying around and I have seen adults use them on the weekends when the kids have gone home.


24 08 2012

Hi there- Just moved to Western Tokyo from San Diego, and I am looking for places to surf … Looks like Numazu might be a good setup for incoming Typhoon swell … Are there any surf shops / local surf scene there? Thanks – Joe

27 08 2012

Hi Joe,
There is an eclectic surf shop and bar funnily enough called San Deigo (fondly know by the expats at the Penis Bar) on Numazu’s south side. The owner also makes custom surfboards out the back while his wife runs the bar. They have their finger on the pulse of the surf scene around Izu Hanto. Shimoda has probably got the best surf beaches for cyclone swell but some Izu Hanto west coast beaches can sometimes pick up a bit of swell and provide reasonable surf. The biggest problem is the deep shelf that most beaches have in most of Japan.
This summer my wife and I went down past Hamamatsu along the Astumi Peninsula and found some pretty good, but a little short, surf. This beach is where many Japanese surfing competitions are held for this island. There are also a lot of surf shops there.
I hope this helps mate.


5 07 2012

Hi Scott

Great blog – I have a special place in my heart for Numazu and the people there – I only wish we had blogs back in the day so that I could have experienced more of the beautiful sights whilst there!!

I used to live in Numazu back in the 90’s and there was a great Hawaiian themed bar that all the westerners would meet up in called ‘Tony’s Bar’ I went back to Japan in 2005 and he had opened a larger bar in Mishima called Tonys Hawaiiian Foods and the Numazu bar had become a tiny karaoke bar…Do you know if the bar in Mishima still exists? I cannot find any information on the internet regarding the Hawaiian bar?

5 07 2012

Hey Suzie.
Great to hear from you. Tony’s is getting fancy. He now has a large restaurant in a new fish market complex in the port of Numazu. There is also a Tony’s in Shimizu and one in Shizuoka city. I haven’t seen a bar in Mishima proper though.

22 06 2012

Hey Scott,

Thanks for the great blog, it’s really helpful.

I’m moving to Numazu in a couple of weeks and I was looking for a pottery class to join (or really just a studio that would let me use their equipment). Do you have any suggestions? My Japanese isn’t too great but a course in Japanese is okay, English is preferable though.

Also, is there any warnings or cautions you have for Numazu? Thanks!

22 06 2012

Hi Tiffany,

Wow, you are a potter. I know of one pottery workshop in Numazu, but I do not have their contact details. If I ride past on the weekend I will get them for you. I am not sure if they are a private potter or offer classes. Either way if you show an interest in their work and share your passion for the art I am sure they would let you at their workshop and kiln.

If you arrived last you could have met a good friend of mine Robert Yellin from Yakimono Gallery. He is the leading Western expert on Japanese pottery in the country and he used to live in Numazu. Unfortunately, he has recently moved to Kyoto. Although not a potter himself, he knows the industry well and may have contacts in Numazu or Mishima that might be able to help you out. You can contact him on his homepage here

Numazu is a beautiful, friendly and safe place. The only warning I can give you is that you will like it so much you might not want to leave.



22 06 2012

Thanks Scott,

I’m not an actual professional potter, I’m an art student but I want to keep up my skills while I’m here in Japan. Glade there appears to be one close by, I was afraid I would have to go to Shizuoka for pottery, which would make it more of a hassle. Do you know where the shop is in regards to the station (I have been to Numazu a couple times).

I would like to get in contact with Mr. Yellin, can you repost his homepage link?

Thanks again!

26 06 2012

Hi Tiffany,
The Link to Yakimono Gallery
A link to Google Maps for the pottery location.



29 05 2012
Tony chan

Hi Scott, thank you for your blog, it’s really useful to find some informations ! I just arrived near Numazu. Do you know in which pubs foreigners use to go. I went to Speak EZ and Baird Taproom and I’d like to meet foreigners in other places too. Is there other cool places in Numazu with foreigners ?

30 05 2012

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your kind words. Speak EZ and The Fishmarket Taproom are the two major ex-pat hangouts. You might also like to try Blankey’s (I have reviewed). Next, I would try Malt Cats (also reviewed) an the San Deigo Bar (south side of station head west 200m-ish).

We have a small expat population here so two pubs generally covers us.

14 05 2012

Hello Scott,

I don’t know if this kind of information suits your web site
but we are a small English school near Numazu station
and looking for a part time teacher right now.

-Wednesday evening 7:30-9:30
and/or Saturday afternoon 2:00-4:30.

-2500 yen/hour

-must be a native speaker of English with
valid working visa or permission

If you are interested of need further information
contact to info@annex-cs.com



14 05 2012


Welcome to Numazu Traveler. You are welcome to post work opportunities and I will review them for suitability before I decide to post them. I am sure many expats are interested in a little extra work. I can also put your job position on a separate blog post for better visibility. If you wish me to do this please provide an application expiry period of no more than one month, for example:

Job offer expires June 10 2012 or if the position has been taken.

Have a great week.


15 05 2012


Thank you for the reply and kind offer.
We would appreciate if you could put it on your blog.

as your suggestion,

Job offer expires June 10 2012 or if the position has been taken.

is best for us.

Have a great week too.

Manager Tagami

20 04 2012
Romanslerz Tura

Hello, Im new here in Numazu… I wanna know how to go to Safari park via local train. In what station will i start. I still have no idea about Shizuoka and it’s transportation Thanks a lot..:)

20 04 2012

Hi Mate,

Thanks for your email. I usually book a ticket through the local travel agent like JCB but I believe that there is a bus from Susuono along the Gotemba line.



6 12 2011

hello, Im Rihr, Filipino and I live near Numazu (Shimizu-Cho) and I wanted to enroll in a school that teaches japanese. Do you know one?

6 12 2011

Hi Rihr. It7s great to meet you. Many of the English Schools will offer Japanese courses. However, I recommend you check out the Numazu Library on the weekend. There are really good free volunteer classes run there. Also, many of my mates get private lessons from a ground on the south side of the station (with your back to the station turn left and follow it around to the building past the Lawson. I think it might be on the first floor but I am not sure. I will find out more for you) I think it is something like 12 Lessons for 5,000 one-on-one.


6 12 2011

Hey, I have just found out a bit more for you about the one-on-one lessons. They are 5000 yen for 10 lesson. The place is called Pallet its on the third floor of the building I described.
If you want their email let me know.



7 12 2011

english school? like what? I wanted a daily basis tutorial. like in real school so I think that english schools you are talking about with fit my needs so do you know one?

15 04 2012

Hi Scott,

I just moved to Numazu, and I’d be interested in contacting this school if they are still around. Can you send me details?

BTW, thanks for doing this blog…it’s been very helpful…


23 10 2011

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to let you know that your blog got listed in the Japan Blog Directory. Please let me know if any of the information is wrong or if you would like anything changed.


The Japan Blog Directory is still very new and you might also help spreading the word by adding a link or banner to your site or mention us.
I wish you all the best and a lot of success with your blog.

Best regards,


24 10 2011

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for putting me on your directory. It looks like you have a really good setup on your site. I will put you on my links for my readers.


22 10 2011
Mark Pendergrast

Hi, Scott — I didn’t make it to Numazu during my all-too-brief research trip to Japan. Next time. But I did want to let you know about my new book that might interest you. I just published Japan’s Tipping Point: Crucial Choices in the Post-Fukushima World as a short ebook and hope you will take a look at it. A paperback will be available soon. For info, see http://www.markpendergrast.com. I could email you a review copy. Here’s an overview:

Japan’s Tipping Point is a small book on a huge topic. In the post-Fukushima era, Japan is the “canary in the coal mine” for the rest of the world. Can Japan radically shift its energy policy, become greener, more self-sufficient, and avoid catastrophic impacts on the climate? Mark Pendergrast arrived in Japan exactly two months after the Fukushima meltdown. This book is his eye-opening account of his trip and his alarming conclusions.

Japan is at a crucial tipping point. A developed country that must import all of its fossil fuel, it can no longer rely on nuclear power, following the massive earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster of March 11, 2011. Critically acclaimed nonfiction writer Mark Pendergrast went to Japan to investigate Japan’s renewable energy, Eco-Model Cities, food policy, recycling, and energy conservation, expecting to find innovative, cutting edge programs.

He discovered that he had been naive. The Japanese boast of their eco-services for eco-products in eco-cities. Yet they rely primarily on imported fossil fuel and nuclear power, live in energy-wasteful homes, and import 60% of their food. That may be changing in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Maybe. But as Pendergrast documents, Japan lags far behind Europe, the United States, and even (in some respects) China in terms of renewable energy efforts. And Japan is mired in bureaucracy, political in-fighting, indecision, puffery, public apathy, and cultural attitudes that make rapid change difficult.

Yet Japan is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with friendly, resilient people who can, when motivated, pull together to accomplish incredible things.

As an island nation, Japan offers a microcosmic look at the problems facing the rest of the globe. And as Japan tips, so may the world.

Mark Pendergrast, the author of books such as For God, Country and Coca-Cola, Uncommon Grounds, and Inside the Outbreaks, entertains as he enlightens. As he wrote in Japan’s Tipping Point: “The rest of this account might seem a strange combination of critical analysis, travelogue, absurdist non-fiction, and call to action. It might be called ‘Mark’s Adventures in Japanland: Or, Apocalyptic Visions in a Noodle Shop.'”

28 09 2011


Help! I will be in the Numazu area for the upcoming long weekend in October. I am looking hard for a bar/pub/restaurant/hotel/anywhere that is showing the World Cup Rugby live (I believe it is only available on J Sports), but so far have not been successful. Do you have any idea where I could go?

I am willing to exchange the alcoholic beverage(s) of your choice for such advice from you or any of your Numazu readers.

Yours desperately,

Rugby fan

29 09 2011

Hi Ryann

I’m not too sure sorry. My best guess would be Speakez at http://www.Speakez-bar.com failing that if you send Baird Beer’s Taproom an email and ask them real nice they might be able to sort you out.


1 10 2011

Hey just got to the taproom and found out the rugby is on now at the taproom. Sorry to. Cut it so fine mate.

28 08 2011

Hello, My name is Aiko. and Im Japanese.
I moved to Numazu last weekend, but I feel litte bit nervous.
Because I dont know how to spend time in here…
and I have no friend.. 😦
But I found this website.
Your diary make me so excite and I want to check those restaurant… 🙂
Thank you so much for sharing your good time!!

28 08 2011

Hi Aiko, That is really sweet of you. Numazu is a friendly town. I hope to see you around.


8 09 2011

Thank you so much, Scott-san. I went to Beer Garden Numazu yesterday. I love Band Music (Jazz) and gleen park 🙂 Please let me know if you have recommend info.
Thank you!

9 09 2011

Hey Aiko,

I so glad you enjoyed yourself. I am going down there to do some filming and write an ariticle for the Numazu Blog.

How do you like Numazu? Have you made some friends?



23 07 2011

Hi scott,

I ve been in Numazu for 6 months. I find your site very informative. thanks a lot for your work! I would like to learn Japanese. Is there any study centres here, especially at North exit?


23 07 2011

Hi Renu,
I’m glad you like the blog. I don’t know of any dedicated Japanese Languages classes on the north side but on the south side I know of two. On Saturday’s there is a class at the library. There is also private classes in the build next to the Lawson on the south side.

Best of luck.


8 09 2011

Renuka,Nice to meet you. I am Japanese.
Where are you from?
If you want to learn Japanese.
Maybe I can help you:)
But My English is not strong.
So please teach me.. 🙂

11 12 2011

Hello Aiko, I can teach you english But Im not that fluent either but I can tey if you want since Im a filipino and english is taught in our country from the nursery level to college, its more on our second language actually so I would be a great help for you to practice your skill in speaking the language. Just contact me trough email and/or facebook since I use the same email : yourz_16@yahoo.com or just search for the name rihr tampg in facebook.

1 05 2011
Trippy Traveller


Sorry for the delay reciprocating the link for Iyashinote – I only just noticed.
Here is your link:
Thanks a lot.

6 04 2011

Hey scott Love the blog! Well writen and well informed! Keep up the good work! Hope to bump into you and the Lady sometime soon! Take care!

7 04 2011

Thanks mate.

18 03 2011
Laura N.

I used to teach ESL at Shiakusho in 1989 – HELLLLLLO Numazu from Laura in Canada! I LOVE NUMAZU!!! ;-D

18 03 2011

Wow that’s amazing! I would love to have seen how much it had changed. It had changed so much in 5 Years.

2 12 2010

Same side of the street as the hotel. In the direction away from the large department store and shopping.

The shop was an unexpected find on my trip, but it sounds as if it’s one of many in town.

27 10 2010

I visited Numazu for a few days in 2004. I stopped at a wonderful, small pottery store down the main avenue from the Hotel Tokyu, and I came home with some great rice bowls. The proprietors, possibly husband and wife, spoke no English and I don’t recall any signage that I could decipher. Would you happen to know the name of this shop? I cannot imagine that they have a website, but I would be so happy if they did.

27 10 2010

Hi Linda,
Yes there are a little of dinky little family run places around here. There are two pottery shops that I can think of in the area you mentioned. Was it accross from the Tokyu Hotel or on the same side. The next time I go down there I will check it out.


26 10 2010
Celeste Heiter

Seeking Quotes and Insights for a Book About Working in Japan

I found your blog on the Japan Blog List and am contacting you regarding research for a new book I’m writing for ThingsAsian Press. I am looking for insights and quotable comments from individuals who have worked in Japan. I’m gathering information on a variety of fields, such as teaching, technology, office-based business, consultant services, visual arts, music, culinary arts, martial arts, entertainment, fashion, volunteer work, etc.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please respond and I will send you a questionnaire. The reward for your efforts will include writer’s credits and bio, plus six copies of the published book.
Looking forward to your reply….Celeste

21 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

26 06 2010

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the great information on the website. I did a home stay in Numazu back in 2006 and I’m currently living in Nagoya. I’m planning on coming back to visit my host family with a few friends at some stage in August. Are there any events or places you would particularly recommend to bring my friends? Our schedules are reasonably flexible so we might be able to make our trip in the end of july aswell.

Thanks a tonne,

27 06 2010

Hi Jon,

I’m glad the blog was some help to you. As for events, it really depends of when you will be able to make it to Numazu. Most of the event information for August hasn’t come out yet. But here is what I could find below:

Numazu Summer Festival: 30 July to 1 August. This is Numazu’s premier event featuring Mikoshi (shrines carried on shoulders) and traditional dance parades, endless rows of stalls, and spectacular fireworks on the Satuday and Sunday night.
Flea Market: 7 August. Kira Messe Numazu 10:00am-2:00pm, lots of local crafts and knickknacks.
Traditional Tea Ceremony: 15 August. 10:00-15:00. At the Imperial Villa.
There is also a lot of Summer festivals occurring in the surrounding areas such a Mishima, Shuzenji and Atami.
The beaches will also be open during this time so if you need to cool down then head south from Numazu and follow the Izu coast until you find a beach that strikes your fancy. I would recomment LaLa Beach and the nearby Ose Peninsula.
If you are up for a hot and sweaty time then I recommend taking a hike through the Numazu Alps. The alps have some excellent views of Suruga Bay, Numazu City and, if you are lucky enough to get a clear day in August, Mt Fuji. You could even take a meandering tour up through the lower slopes or Ashitaka Mountain in the North. These slopes are covered in small holdings and green tea fields and you may also stumble accross the occasional bamboo forest and other surprises.
Senbonhama Park that begins at the mouth of Numazu’s Kano River is another great place to enjoy. I have some video footage of the park in my June blog entry. While you are there I would also recommend a visit to View-O, the big Tsunami Gate for the fishing port.

As for night life; The Speak Ezy bar usually has some night time event running and I am sure the regular Salsa Night and Techo nights will be occuring over August. Their calendars have not come out yet to be sure.

If you have any specific activities I may be able find out more information for you directly.
Perhaps I should make a monthly what’s on list. What do you think?


15 08 2009


I just moved to Numazu two weeks ago and I have found your info really helpful. So thanks! I’m excited to meet some new people and enjoy this town which I’ve already grown to like.


22 08 2009

Thanks Alex,

I appreciate the compliment. Enjoy Numazu.



2 08 2009
Christian Peterson

Dear Scott & Trenton,

I want to jump in and reply to your latest exchange. Scott, your blog has been very informative for my wife and I who are also moving to Numazu in early August to start teaching at the Katoh school. We’ve loved seeing all the photos of our new city. I’m excited to learn more about trail riding in the immediate area…any information to share?

Trenton…my wife and I will be bringing our high performance mt. bikes. We did the same while living in Honduras and it was well worth it. Maybe we will do some riding together in the not too distant future. I will be teaching 7 -12 grade IB art. And you? Look forward to meeting you.

Kind regards,

Christian Peterson

3 08 2009

Hi Christian,

Thanks for you kind words. There are some great rides in Numazu and if you are into trail riding might I suggest Ashitaka Mountain. From what I understand there are some regular trail riders working in Katoh already, so there should not be a problem with you finding some riding buddies and guides.

All the best at your new school.

Kind regards,


23 05 2009

Greetings Mr. Garbie,

I stumbled upon your blog/site back in January 2009 and I’m happy to see you are back and active in Numazu.

I appreciate the efforts you have made in making Numazu accessible to us foreigners. Your site has helped me in my preparations for moving to Numazu in August of 2009 with my wife. This will be our first time in Japan, so we are excited. We will be teaching at Katoh Gakuen.

I was wondering if, perhaps, you could answer a few semi-random questions when you get a chance please.
-Is there anything, in particular, that you would recommend to bring to Japan that may be difficult to find? Don’t worry…I will bring an open and adventurous mind.;-)
-How far from Numazu-Shi is the nearest surf? (Eventually, I will have access to a car.)
-Do you recommend that I bring/ship my own board?
-Does anyone kitesurf or kayak on Suruga Bay?
-I’ve read that sporting goods are expensive in Japan in general. Have you found this to be true?
-I read about The Ring bike shop via your blog, but was wondering if it would be worth bringing my own high-performance bicycle (if I can afford the shipping)? Any idea how prevalent bike theft is???
-Would you happen to know how far the nearest Mexican food is from Numazu? Tokyo??? I’m from Southern California and am a bit afraid I will be missing it badly. 🙂
-Are there any Korean, Thai, or Indian restaurants in or near Numazu? Or shops where one can buy the spices necessary to prepare these cuisines?
-And lastly, bread…Is there any decent western-French style bread available?
I’m glad to hear that it’s readily available in its liquid form. 😉

Again, thanks for your efforts and time working on the Numazu Traveler project! It is greatly appreciated!

Trenton Szakall
San Diego, California

24 05 2009

Hi Trenton,

I am glad you are enjoying the blog.

It’s great to hear you and your wife are coming to Numazu. You will be just in time for the Summer Festival.

I have some friends who work at Katoh. It’s a good school to teach at.

As far as your questions are concerned:
-What to bring is a difficult one. If you two are thinking of buying a bed in the future then I would recommend you bring sheets. If you are tall or have big feet like me I recommend some extra clothes or shoes.
-From what I hear from friends there is surf in small pockets along the Izu Hanto coast. Though the surf really does not get to size you might be used to.
-As far as bringing your board along goes; I don’t know if the surf is worth it.
-I have seen a bit of kite surfing on Suruga Bay but only the odd kayak.
-Sporting goods are comparable in Japan if you do you homework.
-I brought my mountain bike over from Australia on our return to Numazu. It is difficult to get good fitting bikes for tall people so I thought it was totally worth the investment. Crime is really low and if you buy a lock that chains your bike to, say, a pole than no one generally bothers you.
-There are a few Mexican restaurants in Numazu and quite a number of ethnic restaurants in the city too. You will even be able to find things like taco shells, chilli sauce and tortillas in certain grocers.
-There are a lot of bakeries here. While the Japanese to prefer a softer crust bread, with a little bit of sourcing you will be able to find good tasting sourdough baguettes and the like.

I hope this helps,


24 05 2009
Trenton Szakall

Thanks Scott!

This is some helpful information. Just out of curiosity, what grade levels are your friends teaching?

30 04 2009
MPUFC Visitor

I am bringing a young group of soccer players to numazu on May 22-25. We have short games on Sat. & Sun. Can you recomend inexpensive excursions for 1/2 day. Departing Numazu say 1PM and back to Numazu hotel by 7PM?



18 05 2009

Hi Sue, sorry for the slow reply. The Numazu Port Festival and Kaijinsai will be on the 23 May so that should be a great cheap excursion for you and your team. I would also recommend a walk down to Senbon Beach. You can check out the location if you follow the map links on my site.

Hope you have a great time.


8 04 2009

Nice looking blog. I write one for just up the road in Susono. Fancy a link?

25 04 2009

Hi Andy, sure. Sounds good.

25 04 2009

Added to my blogroll – ALT Susono. If you can add me to yours that would be cool.

Link love brother.

30 12 2008

your site has inspired me to visit Numazu on my trip to Japan next year. I’m stumped looking for a nice minshuku or ryokan though. Would you be able to advice?


29 09 2008

Does anyone have any information on martial art and/or watersport activities in Numazu? Many thanks.

9 09 2008

Scott, thanks for that. I’ll re-do your link.
Perhaps we’ll run into each other in the future.


27 08 2008

Hi John,

I won’t be back in Japan for another 18 Months but I will add you site to my links . I hope this gets you a little more traffic. I just regret I didn’t get to write on your bar while I was there.


24 08 2008

I like the blog and I’ve put a link to it on the Speak EZ bar website. Please add a link for Speak EZ bar. It’s the best bar in Numazu and deserves a mention.

18 06 2008
mama kenzo

hi, I’m from Indonesia. I’m excited founding your site, cause my teenager son is going to have a cross culture event in Numazu in the last June. So, what activities would you reccomend for him in his free time ? because he’ll have 1 day free time in numazu. My son is interested with baseball and footbal (sporty type) . Thanks a lot

28 03 2008

Hello, are there any goth/metal night clubs bars etc in Numazu?


11 02 2008

Hullo! Stumbled across this site and it looks great. Thanks for posting all the info, I’m looking forward to perusing it. I am wondering if you might be able to help me out with a question. It seems like you enjoy biking; I’m living in Kannami/Mishima and looking to find local hiking trails. I’ve had a few suggestions, but not always specific enough o point me to a trailhead. Any suggestions on how to find info/ resources (preferable in English as I can’t yet read Japanese!) Thanks a bunch!

5 12 2007

Thanks Bob. It’s good to hear people are enjoying the blog.

I’ll be sure to check out that beach you recommended.


5 12 2007
Bob Heinl

I’ve been enjoying your website over the past few months. I lived in Japan from 1988 to 2000 in Fuji City, Fujinomiya and Numazu. My wife is from Numazu. Thank you for all your hard work to make this site available! Your photo’s and commentary are great and bring back many memories. My wife is from Ganyudo. There is a little beach there with a decent view of Mt. Fuji. The sunset is beautiful. If you haven’t been there, check it out. Because my mother inlaw is elderly and living alone, My wife and I will be moving back to Numazu in about 4 years from now. I miss it but not the hot summers.

Looking forward to more of your adventures!

Best Wishes,

Bob Heinl
Buffalo, New York

14 07 2007

check out http://www.myspace.com/speakezbar
also, a little restaurant called Pili Pili on the side street between the 7-11 on rico dori and E-Spot & a restaurant called Ninbun no Nin near Gakuen Dori bit on a side street by the drainage ditch… it’s south of the McDonalds on Gakuen

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