Niie Restaurant – Numazu

1 10 2007

I’m on a mission. I’m in search of a place that I can just wander in, find a cozy corner with a deep couch and loose myself in a book while sipping on my favourite beverage.

Really, it does seem like an ideal concept but how hard is it to find a cafe, bar or restaurant like that these days. Particularly in a country that offers shoe box accommodation so small that it almost squeezes you back out into the world in order to relax and socialize.

Niie Bar Restaurant

However, apart from the comfort gleaned from Japan’s Internet ‘hostels’, finding a decent comfy spot to have a cuppa, glass of wine or beer are nigh on impossible.

Sheltering in a nuclear bunker before saying this; Starbucks does have the right idea. Soft earthy colours, deep couches and no pressure for you get back on the consumer conveyor belt.

It was these thoughts that I was hurled under the pressure of the confines of my apartment out into the street to search for such a wondrous place.

I have had my eye on a new place on the Numazu south side for a while. Its strange shuttered frontage and non nondescript entrance had me reluctant to potentially jiggle at a door that may or may not be open. But this was the time to bite the bullet and see if Niie was in fact open for business.

Thankfully it was. The white mat interior was subdued by the warm yellow lighting and contrasted well with the black tableware. As you enter Niie you are greeted with a bar and a full range of assortment that would have tempted me had I not been in the mood for just a simple sit down, coffee and a read.

Niie Bar Restaurant

I ventured past the bar (and tried not to look into the kitchen) and up a stair level to a cozy dinning area with, yep you guessed it, couches. Eureka! I do love dumb luck sometimes.

I snuggled into a two seater under a stairwell and ordered a coffee. My host presented me with a glass of water and offered me the lunch menu. Unfortunately this time I had to decline a meal. Though, after smelling and glimpsing what other customers were getting I was cursing myself for eating earlier.

My coffee came out brusquely and in a clear coffee cup. This sparked some recognition from a previous trip to Gotemba Premium Outlet. the cutlery was Bodum. Stylish.

Niie Bodum

After taking a few picture of Niie it was time to really give it a road test. I got out my book and settled in for a comfy read.

Niie is certainly a stylish retro bar-restaruant with its acid jazz flowing out of speakers and funky decor. While the floor plan is a little odd, not taking full advantage of the windowed frontage, it certainly does create a relaxing mood for a good read.

Niie is well worth another visit.

Location: South side of Numazu station near go straight south about 100 meters from the western underpass. For more details check out the map here;MyMaps at

Style: Jazzy retro style bar and restaurant.

Contact: 055-951-0330, email;, website;