Mishima to Kanami Mountain bike route.

20 02 2012

The aim of this trip was to try and find some decent mountain biking routes in the area.

The course did not turn out to be too technical. It mostly ran along paved and unpaved farming tracks.
There route wound through steep midland farming areas, bamboo and cedar forests and some native forest (a rare sight in Japan). There were also some excellent views of Mt Fuji, Suruga Bay, the Minami Alps and the Izu Peninsular.
It was a constant climb and glide between steep saddles and draws along the route making it an exhausting ride for such a short trip.
The route could be completed between 2 and 3 hours depending on your fitness level (18.9km). I spent quite a bit of time exploring other roads and paths that sometimes led to dead ends.

There were not too many people on the track but keep an eye out for them.
The route starts about 11km from Numazu Station



Recycle Centres in Numazu

26 05 2011

Recycle Centres in Numazu

Recycle centres in Japan are, as you can imagine, are somewhat different to what we have in the West. There is a great deal of quality stuff out there that is dirt cheap and if you are only spending a year or so in country then it is totally worth a trip to these second-hand shops.

A special thanks to one of my mates for putting the cracker under me to get me to post this.

My Ring Bicycle Shop – Numazu

11 09 2007

Although I am a big fan of practicing my Japanese in some real life scenarios, sometimes it’s just easier to find someone who speaks a little English to help you out. This is what happened to me on the weekend. After spending a good half hour rummaging through my Japanese-English dictionary trying to figure out how to explain what was wrong with my bicycle, I nervously headed up the road to speak to the guy at the bike shop.

My Ring - Numazu

Upon arrival at the bike shop I was so flustered that all I could manage to mumble was a few Japanese words for ‘grinding’, ‘broken’ and possibly ‘mother’ and the odd random ‘no’, ‘ni’, ‘wa’ and ‘ga’s’ put in to make it sound like I was at least souping up a sentence (albeit probably ultimately derogatory). To my surprise the gentleman by the counter responded to me in superb English and had the graciousness to keep a straight face at my failed attempts at Japanese.

My Ring bike parts

Talking to Yuji Maeda from My Ring bike shop was a pleasure. Yuji’s modern looking shop holds a surprising 80 year history of bicycle sales and repairs in Numazu, that all began with his grandfather.

After a long career in electrical engineering, which took him all over the world, Yuji decided on a sea change and a return to his home town and a little less stress. It was in fact, Yuji’s previous career that helped him on his was to learning English. Yuji spent considerable time in the USA and Australia refining his English. He even learnt a little German from his time working in Germany.

My Ring -Numazu Bikes

Now with My Ring, the new evolution of this family business, Yuji is bringing quality cycling products and services to Numazu Hon-Cho area. The My Ring range stretches from starter adult and children’s bicycles (around 24,000yen for an adult Japanese standard ‘granny’ bike) to top range European mountain bike and racer brands. My Ring also offers affordable repairs service.

My Ring- Yuji working on my bike

One of the extra services that came in handy for me when my family came from Australia to visit was My Ring’s small fleet of standard rental bikes. As of this date, bikes can be rented at 300yen per hour of 1,500 for the whole day. Very reasonable.

The quality of care and friendly English speaking service that Yujis’ My Ring offers will keep me a loyal customer during my time here in Numazu.

Website: www.myring.jp

Directions: My Ring is on the south side of Numazu Station, approximately 500m south following the underpass road. For an accurate map of the location please click the my map button here. MyMaps at MapBuilder.net